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This Article Specifications and Price Honda CBR250R, Read Here

This Article Specifications and Price Honda CBR250R, Read Here - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about This Article Specifications and Price Honda CBR250R, Read Here, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

This Article Specifications and Price Honda CBR250R, Read Here

Specifications and Price Honda CBR250R - Honda CBR 250cc - Honda back clenching his wings in 2014 by issuing new motor sport variant of the Honda CBR250R. Motor sport comes with design and performance ciamik for motor sport 250cc class. Honda Motor sport is ready to fight the dominance of the Yamaha with its flagship sport bike will also come Yamaha R25. Honda CBR 250 R comes with a design of the front of a new body that is typical twin eyes and very visible bold.

Fairing attached to the body of the Honda CBR250R has a very beautiful design and aerodynamics. This type of full fairing as add virility of motor sport's Honda CBR250R. Varian 250 cc Honda motor sport in 2014 was inspired by previous variants of Honda CBR1000RR Honda and Honda VFR1200F by bringing new technology and changes so that this bike looks more fresh than the previous episodes have been issued Honda. Honda CBR250R has also been exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo exchange and direct the attention of the visitors. Let's just semisena beloved readers, here semisena will discuss specifications and prices for your Honda CBR250R. Following a review of the I:
Specifications Honda CBR250R

Honda sport bike comes with a major change from the design sector. The design of the full fairing Honda CBR250R is very new compared to the Honda motor sport design previously been released. His trademark is on the front using double Headlamp headlamp design with keen eyes that narrowed at the top. Order bodynya also quite comfortable to drive with 2.000x720x1.140 mm dimension capable of carrying the driver with nimble. Specifications Honda CBR250R is also more stable with muffler design coated with chrome and muzzle of the cylinder is clad in black.

This time mas sena will go to the Honda CBR250R's specifications of the engine that took him. For arguably the machine did not bring significant changes from the previous Honda variants. But of course, coupled with the new technology that is able to bring this 2014 Honda CBR250R with a very lively acceleration. Specifications Honda CBR250R is equipped with engine Liquid-cooled 4-stroke in which the attached in-line 1-cylinder. Power that can be produced by the Honda 250cc sport bike is 23.7 hp at 9,900 rpm and maximum torque of 17.2 Nm is achieved at 7,400 rpm. The engine of the Honda CBR250R will also be equipped with injection systems that will make this bike more economical but maximum exertion, coupled with the transmission system 6 times acceleration. That kitchen runway Honda CBR250R which complements the tough specifications of Honda's motor sport can mas sena discussed. Now we go to the Honda CBR250R price for Indonesia.

Price Honda CBR250R

Comes with a 250 cc maximum performance and sporty design that is very similar to motor sport racing, Honda confidence for speeding in 2014 by issuing Honda CBR250R. Motor sport is predicted to be the existence of Yamaha rival will issue a champion also is Yamaha R25 that we have discussed in the specification and price segments Yamaha R25. Price Honda CBR250R will certainly comparable with the specifications and modern technology brought by motor sport. Honda is marketed in two types, namely ABS and STD and prices vary according to the type. For the price of a Honda CBR250R officially Mas Sena has been informed by its price. For the price of the Honda CBR250R itself every color experience that is the price difference for the Honda CBR250R red priced at 46.8 million dollars, while to blend three colors: Red-White Blue marketed at a price of 54.7 million dollars, while for the color of its own Respol Honda 2014 CBR250R removed at Rp 55.2 million.

While the price for the 2014 Honda CBR250R type ABS officially in Indonesia for the red color priced at 53.7 million dollars, a mix of three colors released at a price of USD 54.7 million, and the Repsol colors can you take home at a price of 55.2 million. Now that the official price of motor sport Honda 250cc which is a tough competitor on the Yamaha R25. What is interesting here is priced Honda CBR250R price is cheaper than the previous version. So we'll see who is the strongest among the two kings of motor sport 250cc. Between Honda and Yamaha will definitely be offering 250ccnya selling price of motor sport at a competitive price that can compete in the market. How does the motor sport attracts you? If you are interested let hunted bringing home so that you can feel the speed of the CBR1000RR's sister. Honda CBR250R price segment ended the encounter us in this session.

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