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Facing Flood the Street

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Facing Flood the Street

Facing Flood the Street - Already we tahui together at the end of the rainy season has arrived bisanyanya. Starting from September to February next year could happen to rain at any time. Usually at the end of the year to early tahunlah rains with a very high intensity. With this high intensity then in most of the cities in Indonesia, which has a catchment area or drainage systems are less good-will cause flooding streets bustling streets. Well if these conditions, motorists who pass through puddles with a high enough altitude is both the rider with four-wheel drive or two wheel must carry it with extra caution. But should the rider who has a height dimension of a car that does not allow for the floods hit the rider should be discouraged to pass through the stagnant water that is high enough. For motorists who drive with a height dimension which is considered the floodwaters can pass safely. Usually these vehicles can be a dirt bike, street fighter motorcycle, motorcycle naked bike, SUV, Car Off Road 4 × 4, buses and trucks that have a design height of ground clearance tough. But for riders who bring kendaaran dimensions are not too high and would like to pass this way, you can perform the following drive way bro and sis.

Ways Crashing Cars Flood
Previous sure the tire is safe to pass through the floodwaters. After the vehicle you are driving slowly and carefully. Because if it is too tight will not impossible vehicle you would like a boat that is easily swayed and would certainly endanger other motorists affected by the wave of the vehicle speed you carry. Always stepped on the gas with stable and do not release gas in the engine RPM low as a way of driving this water does not get into the combustion chamber through the exhaust or the front grille of the vehicle wheel Empa. Finally set the distance to the vehicle in front of you to avoid unwanted things. After the floods hit then stop the vehicle with the engine still so if there are incoming water can come out and make sure the braking components to function properly after the floods hit. Do not forget to make sure you know the condition of the streets that you pass as in Indonesia a lot of potholed streets that in the event of flooding it will endanger motorists passing it. But much better if the conditions that will flood the streets you pass quite high and your vehicle can not afford the floods hit, the better to deter you and looking the other way safer. See also Error Using Lamp When the Rain and Urban SUV from Ford New .

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