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New Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Factory ABS, Read More

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New Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 Factory ABS, Read More


Bodystyle : Super motard
Warranty : 24 months
Manufacturer Country : Italy
Model Year : 2011
Displacement (cc) : 749.9
Engine Type : V Twin

2011 Aprilia Dorosduro 750 Factory ABS
Ride straight out of your garage and onto the street to experience the pure exhilaration of a true Motard that makes no compromise in terms of technology, responsiveness and performance: Dorsoduro 750 Factory. A fantastic plaything for your free time that turns your dreams into reality with its undiluted essentiality. Incredibly agile, fun and nimble, with class beating low end torque and a chassis that is a masterpiece of lightness and stiffness. Ride it with all of your body, enjoy it with your entire soul: with Dorsoduro 750 Factory, you can afford to play hard! After a busy day of challenges and stress, the moment finally comes when you can truly enjoy yourself in the saddle of a bike that is totally exclusive, prestigious and reserved for expert riders like you: Dorsoduro 750 Factory. Unleash your desire for pure adrenaline, extreme performance and true exhilaration. Express your fearlessness, healthy egotism and superior riding skills. Revel in the sophistication of fully adjustable suspension, carbon fibre componentry, Brembo brakes and all the other details that make the pleasure of riding this bike and its purity all the more addictive. Dorsoduro 750 Factory: for you only, only from Aprilia!

HI-Tech Performance
Designed and developed by Aprilia, the twin cylinder engine powering the Dorsoduro 750 Factory and Dorsoduro 750 Factory has the ideal engine capacity to offer the perfect mix of ride ability, flexibility and exhilaration. With a maximum power of 92 HP and a specific torque output without par in its class, this engine unleashes incredible urge at the slightest twist of the throttle grip, for breathtakingly instantaneous responsiveness. Longitudinal 90°V architecture, liquid cooled, double overhead camshafts with mixed gear/chain valve timing and four valves per cylinder: a powerplant conceived in every single detail for enhanced performance and enjoyment.

Advanced in Electronics
The engine powering the Dorsoduro 750 Factory features a latest generation Ride-by-Wire system that ensures optimum torque delivery at any given time: whether during relaxed riding, such as in city traffic, or when you decide to twist the throttle wide open. Unlike conventional systems, the Ride-by-Wire system manages air flow, fuel flow and ignition simultaneously. Torque delivery is optimised in relation to the gear selected, engine speed, throttle aperture rate and atmospheric air temperature and pressure. Essentially, the Ride-by-Wire system manages engine torque in real time, allowing the rider to make full use of the performance available: as an added advantage, the system also optimises exhaust and noise emissions.

Tri-Map; Touch System

Simply close the throttle and push the starter button with your thumb - even while on the move - to select between the three different engine maps available:
Sport : a direct link to the throttle, for when you demand the most responsive, vigourous performance possible;
Touring : for relaxed riding in traffic;
Rain : for poor grip and wet road conditions.

Then simply twist open the throttle and dose the power exactly as you need: getting the best possible performance and fun out of a bike has never been so simple.

Matrix Instrument Panel

A fully fledged on board computer controllable by the rider directly from the handlebar, with a display visualising all the engine parameters received over the CAN line and the contents of the self diagnosis memory. The LED illumination - with white for the analogue area and red for the digital area - has three different brightness settings for optimum visibility in all light conditions.

Hydraulic Clutch

Just one of the many cutting edge technological solutions used on the bike: the hydraulic clutch ensures precise and perfectly smooth release. The clutch is also self-adjusting, meaning that it needs no maintenance.

Excellence in Handling

Not a bike for everyone, but a Motard created for the expert rider who wants to explore new horizons in terms of technology and fun. Its greatest strength is its chassis: a product of Aprilia's unparalleled experience in this category, the chassis has been designed for extraordinary agility, allowing the rider to control the bike with the entire body.

Motard Riding Style Body Frame

Developed and tested by Aprilia's engineers, the frame of the Dorsoduro 750 Factory is a sculpture in aluminium and steel derived from racing technology. The narrow trellis is designed specifically to complement the typical Motard riding style, with the bike gripped firmly between the legs, ensuring superior agility, precision and effectiveness. The lateral frame plates and shell mould cast swingarm are made from aluminium: a material that not only offers maximum lightness, but is visually stunning it its own right and adds a premium touch to the bike. The swingarm is linked to a laterally mounted monoshock: this allowed the exhaust to be located under the saddle, benefiting both the design and the balance of the bike as well as affording easier access for adjustments. The upside down front fork of the Dorsoduro 750 Factory, with adjustable hydraulic damping, and the adjustable laterally mounted rear monoshock allow the user to set the bike up for perfect suspension response in any situation. Boasting exclusive componentry and radical styling, the Dorsoduro 750 Factory has been created to satisfy even the most exacting perfectionist. The upper carbon fibre structure perfectly complements the innovative composite two-tone frame. The engine, exposed in its full glory, conveys a sense of technological beauty and aggressiveness. Sleek, pure lines with no concession to the superfluous or commonplace. Like nothing else on earth and with an appeal all its own

Wave Discs Radial Callipers

Derived directly from racing, the dual 320 mm front and single 240 mm rear wave discs and 4-piston radial callipers give the Dorsoduro 750 Factory outstanding braking power in all conditions and situations. The brake system uses steel braid hosing even better braking modulability and feedback.

Brembo Brakes

The best braking technology available today has been adopted on the Dorsoduro 750 Factory. The front brakes use new 4-piston Brembo radial callipers which ensure shorter stopping distances and offer enhanced brake force modulability, while visually adding an even sportier touch to the performance-focused style of the bike. The 320 mm front disc and 240 mm rear disc are both wave units. Both the front and rear brake systems use metal braid hosing for maximum braking precision. Class beating performance in true Factory style.

Adjustable Suspension

The Sachs 43 mm upside down fork with shell-cast brackets to support the radial callipers features adjustable spring preload and hydraulic brake rebound damping. In addition to offering endless scope for adjustment, this unit also offers class beating smoothness and a generous extension (160 mm) in keeping with the Motard philosophy. The new laterally mounted gas shock absorber has a separate reservoir, is pivoted directly onto the swingarm in a cantilever layout and features adjustable spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping. This solution lets expert riders exploit the full potential of the bike's performance, even when venturing beyond the limit.

Exclusive Saddle

The saddle of the Dorsoduro 750 Factory allows complete freedom of movement, for rapidly shifting the body forward or backward and dominating the bike in any situation. Designed specifically for this version, the saddle features bold red stitching underscoring the bike's aggressive racing spirit.

Carbon Fibre Structure

True to Aprilia tradition, the Dorsoduro 750 Factory makes extensive use of carbon fibre, which has been used for both air ducts, the front mudguard and the ignition key block fairing. This is a choice that further accentuates the sophistication, sporting DNA and exclusivity of the bike. The personalised finish touches even extend to the chassis: with the red trellis structure and black lateral plates emphasising the sportiness and aggressiveness of the bike, in keeping with the black silencer shields. Make your Dorsoduro 750 Factory even more fun, more exclusive and more distinctly yours with original Aprilia accessories: to cater for every possible need and riding style. Choose from the range of performance enhancing accessories and experience new levels of sports riding in safety with the Aprilia by Arrow exhaust system in titanium (Euro3 compliant), the fully adjustable shock absorber, fall guards and the clutch housing cover. Accentuate your bike's racing character with billet components such as brake and clutch levers, brake and clutch fluid caps and license plate mount and a range of accessories in carbon fibre.
Enhance the versatility and style of your bike with the range of comfort accessories: such as the saddle with gel inserts, rubber covers for the rider footpegs, passenger grab handles and road legal mirrors. Choose the functionality of a wide choice of bags, backpacks and luggage cases designed to cater for every possible load and travel need. A new bike cover is now available for storing your bike in the garage, featuring the Dorsoduro logo and tailor made for this model.



Engine type : Aprilia V90 four-stroke longitudinal 90° V-twin engine, liquid cooled, double overhead camshafts with mixed gear/chain timing system, four valves per cylinder.

Displacement(cc) : 749.90

Displacement(ci) : 45.76
Bore x Stroke(mm) : 92.0 x 56.4
Bore x Stroke(in) : 3.6 x 2.2

Compression ratio : 11.0:1
Power(bhp) : 92 (67.3 kW) @ 8,750 RPM

Torque(Nm) : 82 (8.4 kgm or 60.5 ft.lbs) @ 4,500 RPM

Valves per cylinder : 4

Fuel system : Integrated engine management system. Injection with Ride by Wire throttle opening management and triple mapping
Ignition : Digital electronic ignition integrated with injection system
Cooling system : Liquid

Starter : Electric

Lubrication : Wet sump

Generator : 450 W at 6000 rpm
Exhaust : Two into one exhaust system in 100% stainless steel with three-way catalytic converter and lambda probe.

Final drive ratio : 46/16 (2.87)

Gear Ratio (1) : 36/14 (2.57)
Gear Ratio (2) : 32/17 (1.88)
Gear Ratio (3) : 30/20 (1.5)
Gear Ratio (4) : 28/22 (1.27)
Gear Ratio (5) : 26/23 (1.13)
Gear Ratio (6) : 25/24 (1.04)
Primary drive ratio : 71/38 (1.87)
Number of Speeds : 6
Primary Drive : Straight cut gears
Secondary Drive : Chain
Clutch : Multiple discs in oil bath, hydraulically operated
Frame & Suspension
Frame type : Modular tubular steel frame fastened to aluminium side plates with by high strength bolts. Removable rear subframe.
Front suspension : Multi-adjustable Sachs upside-down fork with Ø 43 mm diam. stanchions. Wheel travel 160 mm.
Front suspension travel(mm) : 160
Rear suspension : Aluminium alloy swingarm Gas-operated shock absorber with piggy back, with adjustable spring preload and compression and rebound damping. Wheel travel 160 mm
Rear suspension travel(mm) : 160
Front Wheel Diameter : 17
Front Wheel Width (in) : 3.50
Rear Wheel Diameter : 17
Rear Wheel Width (in) : 6.00
Tube / Tubeless : Tubeless
Wheels Composition : Aluminum
Front tyre (Full Spec) : 120/70 ZR17
Front tyre Aspect Ratio : 70
Front tyre Speed Rating : Z
Front tyre Width : 120
Wheel diameter : 17
Rear tyre (Full Spec) : 180/55 ZR 17
Rear tyre Aspect Ratio : 55
Rear tyre Speed Rating : Z
Rear tyre Width : 180
Wheel diameter : 17
Front : Dual Ø 320 mm diam. Wave stainless steel floating disc. Brembo radial callipers with four pistons. Metal braided brake pipe.
Front brake diameter (mm) : 320
Front brake diameter (in) : 12.6
Front calipers pistons : 4
Rear : Ø 240 mm Wave stainless steel disc. Single piston calliper. Metal braided brake pipe.
Rear brake diameter (mm) : 240
Rear brake diameter (in) : 9.4
Rear caliper pistons : 1
Nero Vulcano

Fuel Capacity
Fuel capacity(l) : 12.00
Fuel capacity(gal) : 3.17
Wheelbase(mm) : 1,505
Wheelbase(in) : 59.3
Height(mm) : 1,185
Height(in) : 46.7
Seat height(mm) : 870
Seat height(in) : 34.3 , If adjustable, lowest setting.
Length(mm) : 2,216
Length(in) : 87.2
Width(mm) : 905
Width(in) : 35.6
Dry Weight(kg) : 185.0 kg (407.9 pounds)
Trail(mm) : 108
Trail(in) : 4.3
Steering Angle : 26°

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