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This Info Perfect stoner,Rossi Fantastic, Read More

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This Info Perfect stoner,Rossi Fantastic, Read More

Stoner The Best Le Mans Franc
Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi look perfect in a fantastic competition for 28 laps at Le Mans Circuit, France, on Sunday (15/5/11). Stoner, an invincible during this weekend and start from pole position, improve performance impresifnya to become champion. While Rossi, who started from ninth, number 3 on the podium. Two positions occupied by teammate at Repsol Honda Stoner, Andrea Dovizioso.

Drama also occurred between Dani Pedrosa and Marco Simoncelli in getting the second position. On lap 17, driving style is too aggressive Simoncelli who claimed that he nudged Pedrosa when cornering to the left to get past the Repsol Honda rider Pedrosa crashed and failed to resume racing again-even a broken collarbone injury. Simoncelli was eventually hit by a penalty and he still appear attractive to be able to finish in fifth place after going through the Yamaha rider, Ben Spies.

In a race this time, the Yamaha which usually dominate Le Mans Circuit barely move. Flagship racer who is also the world champion, Jorge Lorenzo, had to settle for fourth place finish since conquered Rossi and Dovizioso.

With this fourth series result, Lorenzo stay on top of the standings with a total of 78, followed by Stoner, who recorded along the 2011-second victory after winning in Qatar, and are now collecting 66 points. This shifts the 2007 world champion Pedrosa who failed to reap the points that should go down to third place due to fixed point 61. While Dovi climbed to fourth after collecting 50 points, shifting Rossi who won 47 points.

After the race at Le Mans this, the rider will prepare for a fifth series in Catalunya, Barcelona, ​​which will take place June 5 next.

The road race

As 10 red light goes out, Pedrosa, who started from fourth position immediately leapt to the front to lead the way race. Meanwhile, Stoner and Dovizioso followed her from behind. However, Simoncelli, who started from second place down three strip down to fifth place because he was also moved by Lorenzo.

However, Simoncelli did not take long to get back to the front row. Towards the entrance the second lap, "Super Sic" made it past Dovi and he started tight battle with Lorenzo. While in the front position when the position changes Stoner passed Pedrosa on lap two.

Rossi also enliven the competition when she climbed to sixth for threatening Dovi, who beat her at the finish line in Portugal earlier this month. Nevertheless, the Ducati looks quite difficult to balance the Honda, which was very impressive throughout the weekend.

On the third lap, Simoncelli over Lorenzo while cornering to the right. This spiky-haired rider to take advantage because of Lorenzo's a little step on the white line when the square off for cornering. He was immediately taken from the inside and make the "enemy" her and Lorenzo, Simoncelli, involved hostilities after Lorenzo criticized Simoncelli driving style which was considered too aggressive and dangerous-are forced to slightly widened and willing to move down a strip.

Entering the fifth lap, the gap between the rider who competes in the front row started to appear. Stoner and Pedrosa fought tight to compete for first position, while Simoncelli seen alone in third place because of Lorenzo and Dovi separated far enough behind him, as well as existing Rossi in sixth.

Stoner's lap eight more than 0.3 seconds ahead of Pedrosa and they are far apart with Simoncelli who left more than 1.9 seconds. Racing started a bit boring because the two leading rider too far, as well as undisturbed Simoncelli in third.

However, competition is quite exciting at four positions between Lorenzo and Dovi, who left behind more than six seconds. Finally, the Repsol Honda rider effort to pass Lorenzo can be realized on lap 10, which makes Honda regained control of four pole position, like during free practice and qualifying. While Rossi stays in sixth to separate the Yamaha rider, namely Colin Edwards and Ben Spies, who was behind him.

On lap 13, when more and widen the distance with Stoner and Pedrosa Simoncelli, Lorenzo and Dovi instead re-engage in the exciting battle for fourth fight. Rossi was given the threat and are ready to take advantage of the two rivals battle in front of them. One lap later Lorenzo managed to overtake Dovi, while Spies must have bad luck again by a fall and was forced to enter the garage.

Back to the front position, Simoncelli slowly started giving threats to Pedrosa because gap new closer. On lap 17, the spiky only quarrel more than 0.2 seconds from the Repsol Honda rider and have the potential to pass through. Sure enough, the Italian driver managed to do it and not long ago, Pedrosa crashed while trying to retrieve from the inside when cornering to the left to take back his position. As a result Simoncelli not get another opponent and secure the second position and the rider behind to benefit because their position is automatically moved up one strip.

Meanwhile, Stoner untouchable anymore. Only bad luck could stop him for failing to be a winner at Le Mans. That's because until lap 20, he was more than 8 seconds ahead of Marco Simoncelli, let alone with Lorenzo in third place which left more than 12 seconds. On the same lap, Rossi made a step forward with overtaking Dovi and Lorenzo directly threatened.

Meanwhile, in the race for sixth place, Rossi's teammate, Nicky Hayden, unable to defend his position because of impassable Spies, who could continue the race after making repairs on his motorcycle in the garage.

On lap 22, Simoncelli get a penalty because of the investigation, he was declared an illegal maneuver, which causes Pedrosa falls. This gives the advantage to the rider behind him.

Competition exciting happened in the 24th lap when Rossi showed a fantastic performance for overtaking Lorenzo. When cornering, he passed Lorenzo and successfully defend it even on straight track Lorenzo was almost past him. However, Ducati had outclassed by the Honda engine on lap-25 Dovi past him on the track straight and he had to move down a strip back to third. While Lorenzo lagging far enough because it had widened and almost into gravel.

Last lap, Stoner stepped on the finish line without any resistance, as well as record a second victory in the 2011 season, followed by Dovi who managed to retain position despite continued to get pressure from Rossi. However, this result is fantastic for Rossi because he's starting from ninth on the podium and finally, as promised after qualifying yesterday.

- French GP Results

1. Casey Stoner AUS Honda Team Repsol 44m 3.955s
2. Andrea Dovizioso ITA Repsol Honda Team 44m 18.169s
3. Valentino Rossi ITA Ducati Marlboro Team 44m 18.519s
4. Jorge Lorenzo Yamaha ESP Factory Racing 44m 25.030s
5. Marco Simoncelli ITA San Carlo Honda Gresini 44m 35.200s
6. Ben Spies USA Yamaha Factory Racing 44m 35.564s
7. Nicky Hayden USA Ducati Marlboro Team 44m 39.521s
8. Hiroshi Aoyama JPN San Carlo Honda Gresini 44m 55.457s
9. Hector Barbera ESP Mapfre Aspar Team 45m 7.686s
10. Karel Abraham CZE Cardion AB Motoracing 45m 7.840s
11. Toni Elias Honda ESP LCR MotoGP 45m 8.023s
12. Alvaro Bautista ESP Rizla Suzuki MotoGP 45m 8.147s
13. Monster Yamaha's Colin Edwards USA Tech 3 2 laps

Loris Capirossi ITA Pramac Racing Team
Dani Pedrosa Repsol Honda Team ESP
Cal Crutchlow GBR Tech 3 Yamaha Monster
Randy de Puniet FRA Pramac Racing Team

- Standings temporary

Pos. Bike Rider Nation Points
1. Yamaha's Jorge Lorenzo SPA 78
2. Casey Stoner Honda AUS 66
3. Dani Pedrosa SPA Honda 61
4. Andrea Dovizioso Honda ITA 50
5. Valentino ROSSI ITA Ducati 47
6. Nicky Hayden USA Ducati 39
7. Hiroshi Aoyama Honda JPN 36
8. Marco Simoncelli Honda ITA 22
9. Colin Edwards Yamaha USA 21
10. Hector Barbera 21 Ducati SPA
11. Cal Crutchlow GBR Yamaha 21
12. Ben Spies Yamaha USA 20
13. Karel ABRAHAM Ducati CZE 18
14. Toni ELIAS SPA Honda 17
15. Loris Capirossi Ducati ITA 9
16. Alvaro Bautista Suzuki SPA 7
17. Randy de Puniet FRA Ducati 6
18. John Hopkins Suzuki USA 6

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