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This Article Specifications and Price Yamaha Byson Newest, Read Here

This Article Specifications and Price Yamaha Byson Newest, Read Here - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about This Article Specifications and Price Yamaha Byson Newest, Read Here, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

This Article Specifications and Price Yamaha Byson Newest, Read Here

Photos, Specs and Price Yamaha Byson - Yamaha Motor is perfect for those who like adventure. This is Yamaha Byson motorcycle, the motorcycle bongsor with specifications that fit for you who like to explore. Comes with all the features and design are very suitable bodynya called Byson because bodynya great and every year is always enliven the world of motor sport in Indonesia. How not, Yamaha Byson comes with a new format that will surely satisfy the lovers of motor sport. What's new in this Byson Yamaha? Let us discuss together I am.

Comes with the slogan 'Might unsurpassed' Yamaha Byson ready to fight his opponents to play in the 150cc class. With suitable bodynya called motor man is ready to make you look powerful to ride. Yamaha sport bike was introduced in Indonesia in 2010 was in 2015 doing a refresher. Yamaha Byson comes with new stripping on bodynya use jalu element tapered upwards to a picture in the tank so that this bike look more frightening. Let's begin to look at this photo from Yamaha Byson close.

Photos Yamaha Byson Yamaha Byson comes with 3 new colors are ready to make the frame of the motor man will appear more stable. The color of which is Tough Blue, Black Armor, and Bold White. The presence of three colors is like to add diversity to the consumer to choose the color that his dreams. Here Semisena will present a complete picture of this Yamaha Byson for you. Here is a picture of Yamaha Byson: gambar We begin first with Yamaha Byson photo blue spiked with red stripping character, namely Black Armor. With accent jalu pointed and red that adorn the body of Yamaha Byson will add to the impression of sharpness and courage for the riders.

To picture this Blue Yamaha Byson Tough, color Byson dressed in blue or can be called with Tough Blue. Byson blue color on this will give the impression that soft and modern. The blue color of course also be unsightly to the eye. gambar The white color is symbolic of purity and cleanliness. This slogan seems suitable to be attached to the photo Bold White Yamaha Byson this time, because the color itself is essentially white so it will look more striking and clean. But you should always maintain the cleanliness of this white Byson motorcycle.

Because the famous white color easily once dirty stain. Specifications Yamaha Byson Yamaha seems to be very attentive to all this Byson Yamaha comfort when worn by the user. Specifications Yamaha Byson itself comes with a great body that looks dashing with tank manifold Strong Muscle Tank seen towering able to provide comfort to the driver to sit for long on the bike. With a padded seat plus Digital LCD Indicator Panel on speedometernya able to provide perfection for Yamaha Byson's specifications.

Headlamp on headlights that form a V itself would give the impression of bold and ready to go fast on any terrain. Specifications Yamaha Byson is even stronger with the Mid-Ship exhaust muffler on the already standard EURO 2. Yamaha also ready to provide extra security for its users with the technology Double Piston Breaking System is a large brake disc brakes are ready to provide more reliable accuracy.

We continued to specification Yamaha Byson to spur the kitchen affairs. These bikes have 150cc power capable of carrying the rider with a very convenient. However, for the year 2015 Yamaha Byson yet injection technology that Yamaha if it were necessary to meggunakan YM-Jet technology for Yamaha Byson latest FI. Yamaha Byson own specifications furnished by the engine 2 Valve Soch with air-cooled 4 stroke. No single cylinder engine with a capacity of 153cc. Own compression ratio is 9.5: 1. With these machines Yamaha Byson capable of delivering a maximum power of 13.73 PS / 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.6 Nm / 6000 rpm. Here are the full specs:

Specifications Yamaha Byson
P x L x H (mm): 2.075x780x1.045
Wheelbase: 1,334 mm
Weight: 137 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 12 Liter
Engine type: 4 step, 2 Valve SOHC, Air Cooled
Cylinder volume: 153cc
Comparison Compression: 9.5: 1
Maximum power: 13.73 PS / 7500 rpm
Maximum torque: 13.6 Nm / 6000 rpm
Transmission Type: Return, Speed ​​5 (1-N-2-3-4-5)
Frame Type: Diamond
Suspension Front: Telescopic
Rear Suspension: Swing Arm
Tires Front: 100 / 52P 80-17MC
Rear tires: 120 / 58P 70-17MC
Brakes Front: Disc
Brakes Rear: Drum
Price Yamaha Byson

After we discuss the complete Yamaha Byson starts from a new photo to the full specs, less if we do not discuss the price is Yamaha Byson. Because of course the readers all want to know the latest prices in order to cover the taste penasan or prepare a reliable budget to purchase powerful motors. Equipped with 3 colors to create a new stripping men of Yamaha motorcycles for 2014 is increasingly colored and frightening. This will certainly add to the value of sales of Yamaha Byson price.

price Yamaha Byson

Although Byson comes with a new format that is more attractive, but it seems Yamaha understand the desires of its users. With an unbalanced economy and the dollar exchange rate to oscillate in the market remain consistent Yamaha Yamaha Byson maintaining price is exactly the same as the price for the Yamaha Byson for previous versions. For Yamaha Yamaha Byson is priced at Rp 21.5 million, -. The price is the price on the road for the Greater Jakarta area. Price Yamaha Byson for some areas could experience a bit of difference. But will not be far from the price.

Reviews price is Yamaha Byson terminate our encounter this time. Hopefully this information can be useful for lovers of motor sport or adventurous motorcycle. Motor Byson this ferocious ready to accompany you to roam in the streets of Indonesia which has a very beautiful natural scenery and charming.

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