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Note Driving When the Rain

Note Driving When the Rain - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Note Driving When the Rain, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

Note Driving When the Rain

Driving When the Rain - Towards the end of 2014 now cover rainfall intensity is increasing. Often within a day of an area can be continuous heavy rain even in almost all regions in Indonesia. With torrential rain is certainly produce a slippery road, visibility and can even cause flooding at any given point. Obviously with these conditions when bro and sis driving with either vehicle or motor car will pose a higher risk because due to rain this. The greatest possibility is diminished traction tires because of the process that led to a vehicle Hydroplaning easily slip. And also there are other things that can happen at any time during the rain.

Note Driving When the Rain
Well to be more on the safe side always consider driving that good when it rains either heavy or light intensity, the following should be considered.

First always focus on the wheel and the road you are going through, also avoid talking or phoned. Because if you are chatting or calling will reduce the concentration of the driver that will cause the risk of unwanted accidents. If there is a telephone call or telephone purposes are important then you better pull over in a safe place so as not to endanger yourself and other road users.

Both always keep the vehicle, to comply with the safe distance of your vehicle through your estimates it will minimize the risk of injury to the vehicle in front of you. for a car at high speed safest is about the length of six cars in front of you, if the low speed can be less than that. As for the bike about 5 times the length of the motor, because the motor is easy to dodge. But still be careful in pass braking and driving.

Third adjust safe speed, at times of heavy rain usually limited view so you need to drive a vehicle that is right at about 40-60 km / hour.

And the latter try to avoid the frequent flood. Drive vehicle dilajur right, usually the middle in order to avoid stagnant water that occurs on the edge of the road. And that is certainly the proper use of vehicle lights on when it rains, it uses the lam fog lights or headlights with standard mode. Do not forget to obey traffic signs and mengemudilah carefully and cautiously. See also Error Using Lamp When the Rain and Figures accident.

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