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Prohibition Clunkers Down to the road, solution ?

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Prohibition Clunkers Down to the road, solution ?

Prohibition Clunkers in Jakarta - Not long ago, an old car in getting "jacked up" name. If boosted as much demand, it's normal. But this time the car with old age back discussed because it will pave banned again in the capital.
rules banning old car is not a solution
Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama said there would be the application of restrictions on vehicle age over 10 years private. The man who was familiarly called Ahok it, wants people to switch to public transport, such as large cities in developed countries. It is considered to be very helpful to overcome congestion Capital. Air pollution was considered to be on the wane. Mas Sena sure you know exactly how bad air pollution in Jakarta.

The policy discourse refers to the Regional Regulation No. 5 of 2014 Article 78 paragraph 2 of the transport. The policy is scheduled to take effect in 2016 when public transport is adequate. Option 10 years of age is also considered a "soft". Because abroad, the car that he was already 55 years had to be "stripped" circulation. 10-year-old car is still going to be circulating in Jakarta, but the consequences owners are required to maintain eligibility road and pay taxes on motor vehicles are higher than ever. But what the imposition of ban old cars that would really be the solution-based?

Discuss the ban discourse, precisely the argument that limiting the circulation of vehicles in Jakarta based on age considered discriminatory against the owners of old cars. No kidding, it "blaze" of about 40 owners of old cars gathered at the East Parking, Senayan, Jakarta.

Discriminatory here means the point at which the bag is not too thick, but would like to have a car to simply "accommodate" family members. President of the Club and Community Communication Forum Automotive (F3KO) Amroe Wahyudi explained that the current public transport was not safe and comfortable. Then the "disappearance" of old cars from the streets of the town thinks Mom is not so appropriate solutions. Community hopes to be involved before any decision is made.

"We do not want a win-win solution, but 'happy-happy' solution. If it means there benefitnya win, but if the owners of old cars that are basically happy. Maybe with the help of the community will be formed in any form solution, "concludes Amroe.

Real old car ownership is based on two things, namely hobby and conditions that are not too thick pocket. Prohibition of old cars to "circulate" in the capital are expected to make an old car shifted flocked to the area. Hopefully it is immediately there is a way out for the existence of these older machines. Thanks for reading, don't forget to share :)

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