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Specifications and Price Honda CB150R

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Specifications and Price Honda CB150R

Specifications and Price Honda CB150R - Comes with a slogan StreetFire Honda CB150R provide bold impression and bring fireball heat above 150 cc motorcycle competition arena. Motor man comes to bring a big name in the arena of competition Honda large motors such as the V-Ixion, megapro, and Tiger. Although Honda CB150R was released on 12-12-2012 beautiful, but until now the motor is still in demand in the market because it has been proven between price and specification Honda CB150R able to broadcast powerful motors outperform rivals like. This time Semisena will discuss your complete.

Honda CB150R
Honda CB150R StreetFire comes with a body that is brave and the type of racing wheels has a formidable machine the latest technology. The design is attached to the Honda CB150R this if you look at first glance to be similar to the Honda Tiger Revo. But the reader as well, actually two motors that have some striking differences. In this CB150R Honda mounted Sokbreker looks slimmer than its competitors but very strong to hold heavy loads. Motor honda 150 cc of this engine is also more slender shape but deliver maximum performance that is able to escort you anywhere with the powerful.

Specifications Honda CB150R
Honda CB150R is present in to enliven the 150 cc motorcycle in the arena. With the specifications attached to the body, this bike confident to start go on sale to the public until the 2015's Indonesia. The design of the motor CB150R look fresh with a sporty body bandage. Specifications Honda CB150R is diverse, including the kitchen was redone with a capacity of 150 cc 4-stroke in it. DOHC 4-valve engine also enliven the sophistication of this bike. Liquid-cooled single-cylinder capable of spewing great power. Specifications Honda CB150R also brings auto fan technology that is able to regulate the temperature of the heat from the engine so that it can be maintained and consistent. Present also the latest technology that Honda PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) is capable of taking fuel to a minimum, but can be issued with a maximum power.
Specifications Honda CB150R
For matters of any design specification Honda CB150R not inferior to rival Yamaha Vixion. With a blend of Diamond Steel (Truss Frame) this bike look manly and strong for speeding down the street. The design itself is very distinctively as a naked bike with handlebar handlebar clamp adjoining models embedded digital speedometer type will allow you to see your CB150R Honda conditions in real time. As for the style of his own strippingnya rely straightforward style that is typical Honda. Indeed, at first glance this bike will be similar to Honda Tiger Revo but the body of the motor is actually slimmer and the engine is far superior.

For special features that overshadow specification Honda Cb150R was also pretty cool with Spocket Chain Stoper that will give you the first level of security when there is damage to the motor chain. When the chain broke, Spocket Chain Stoper will strive to make the Honda CB150R remains in stable condition so that you minimize the fall of the motor. For its own brake system Honda CB150R equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes both front wheels and rear wheels. Specifications Honda CB150R is also no less interesting with dipasangkannya tubeless tires on wheels that will certainly make the effectiveness of the machine will be channeled well advanced with this tubelessnya wheel.

Oh yes Honda CB150R also has a special version of the Honda CB150R StreetFire Special Edition which comes with the feel of a more aggressive look and distinctively motorcycle racing. Distinguishing from the version usually is on the Honda CB150R StreetFire Special Edition pinned stripping racing colors and logos undercowl One Heart and One Heart. Cast Wheel rim is also different from the red and black patterned on the front of the rear. To spur the kitchen remains the same and the only change in the sector maximize the view to make the Honda CB150R StreetFire Special Edition look more manly and brave. The loyal readers, Mas Sena will also feature Honda CB150R complete specifications in the table below. Here are the details of the specifications of the Honda CB150R StreetFire:

Specifications Honda CB150R

Type CB150R Street Fire
Length X Width X Height 2008 x 719 x 1061 mm
Distance Axis Wheels 1,288 mm
Lowest distance to the ground 148 mm
Weight empty 129 kg
The capacity of the fuel tank 12 liters
framework Diamond Steel (Truss Frame)
Type front suspension Telescopic
Type rear suspension With Single Swing Arm Suspension
(System Suspension Pro-Link)

Front Tire Size 80/90 - 17M / C 44P (tubeless)
Rear Tire Size 100/80 - 17M / C 52P (tubeless)
Brakes Front Hydraulic Disc with Dual Piston
Rear Hydraulic disc, with Single Piston
The Machine
the machine 4-Step, DOHC, 4-valve, single cylinder
The Class 150
Volume Step 149.48 cm3
Diameter X Step 63.5 x 47.2 mm
Comparison of Compression 11.0: 1
Maximum Power 12.5 kW (17.0 PS) / 10,000 rpm
Maximum torque 13.1 Nm (1.34 kgf.m) / 8000 rpm
Oil Capacity Engine Oils 1.0 Liter on the Periodic Replacement
Clutch Type -
Type Transmsi 6-speed
Gear shift pattern 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Type Starter Pedal & Electric
Battery Type MF 12 V - 5 Ah
Plug -
Ignition Full transistorized
Price Honda CB150R
If seen between the first sales until now Honda CB150R price is quite affordable for the people of Indonesia with specification and bodynya challenging. Price Honda CB150R was first released on the market at a price of 23.15 million was successfully shake Indonesian male motorcycle market since sold more than 170 thousand units in the first year of sales. It certainly proves that Honda CB150R that comes with a modern design 5 color is Lightning White, Astro Black, Speedy With, Furious Red, and Three Colors is strong competition in the arena of 150 cc motorcycle. Currently Honda CB150R latest price is $ 23.425 million, 00. Price Honda CB150R is collected from Honda distributor website Ramayana. Before you buy this bike readers need to know the full specification of this bike, semisena will menyuguhkannya to the reader.
Price Honda CB150R
As for the price of Honda CB150R StreetFire Special Edition sold at a higher price because the zoom is changed to a more special and identical. But the price difference Honda CB150R StreetFire Special Edition with version usually not too far away. You can bring the special version with a price of USD 23,925,000.00. With the price of Honda CB150R StreetFire Special Edition, it can be found that the difference is small enough number that is 500 thousand dollars only. For those of you who really want Streetfighter motorcycle has a bolder look distinctively motorcycle racing, then this special version could be a very good choice for you.

Price Honda CB150R is an On The Road Prices valid for Jakarta area. For other regions are likely to experience the difference in price because of various factors that influence it. Of the price which 23 millions are giving shades of fierce competition with rival Yamaha Vixion because Honda CB150R which began production in 2012 in Thailand is focused to play in the motor Streetfighter to offset the dominance of the Yamaha. With the price of Honda CB150R similar to Vixion, Honda expects this 150cc bike can be a special selection by the community with the features and engine are identical. That's the price of the latest Honda CB150R may be a reference you who are interested to bring this masculine bike home. See also other information such as Mas Sena Vixion Yamaha and Honda CBR150R .

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