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This Article Specifications and prices Motor NMAK Newest, Read Here

This Article Specifications and prices Motor NMAK Newest, Read Here - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about This Article Specifications and prices Motor NMAK Newest, Read Here, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

This Article Specifications and prices Motor NMAK Newest, Read Here

Specifications and Price Yamaha NMAX - Competition in the automotive market segmentation automatic scooter most premium 150 cc class is now being controlled by the motor manufacturer Sakura country that has the symbol of the pride of flapping wings with its flagship product Honda PCX 150. However, that fact is not capable of making Honda calm and the pitch alone. Do not want to stay silent observe the dominance of Honda Yamaha motorcycle producer Honda created a state with premium automatic scooter latest 150 cc class named Yamaha NMAX. The launch of this new automatic scooter Yamaha has been carried out on January 23, 2015 last. As for the release of Yamaha NMAX officially by YIMM (Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing) will be held in February 2015. Now whether the advantage of Yamaha NMAX than his rival premium scooter product? Check out his review below ya bro and sis.

Bro and sis needs to know that this latest NMAX Yamaha is the second global product created by Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) after Yamaha YZF R25. Unlike the rival product which is a product of CBU (Completely Build Unit) of Vietnamese origin make the Honda scooter has a very high price. While Yamaha NMAX bring some more advanced features such as Blue Core, ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) and VVA (Variable Valve actuation). Despite having abundant features that did not make the Yamaha scooter price is at the high range for this premium scooter products created in Indonesia directly. In fact, according to information circulating on the Yamaha NMAX price will be much cheaper than PCX 150. Well if that makes digdaya premium automatic scooter latest products from Yamaha's? Check out a full review of Yamaha NMAX to segments below.

Specifications Yamaha NMAX

Full scooter design Modern Premium Sporty

Not excessive ya bro and sis, when Mas Sena give the sub-title for this Yamaha motorcycle. If we look carefully design the specifications adopted Yamaha NMAX looks very similar to the global premium product Yamaha scooter that Yamaha and Yamaha Majesty NMAX. Starting from a side view the latest premium scooter from Yamaha's highly visible modern, sporty and luxurious. By having several parts that look does not blend because it has a different color on the body side to the bottom side of the body makes this NMAX Yamaha looks futuristic and modern. A NMAX emblem on the rear side of the body will give the identity that this scooter has a maximum performance. Then on the front of the scooter which has a distinctive fairing design makes the Yamaha scooter moge NMAX looked dashing.

Especially at the front visor large on Yamaha NMAX specification adds to the aura of sporty full premium on the latest Yamaha's scooter. While on the seats has a very broad size and soft will provide driving comfort while at the top of this NMAX Yamaha. Powered with footrest bottom designed as a kind moge HD (Harley Davidson) made the riders very at ease and very comfortable in traveling with Yamaha this NMAX. Even had a handlebar that seemed manifold Cruiser which has a height of more and create a comfortable fit rider in driving this gambot premium scooter.

Futuristic design and Modern Lamps

Furthermore, to the design of the lights on the specification Yamaha NMAX looks very futuristic and modern on all sides. Starting from the front which has a large headlamp design that looks like a sport bike Kawasaki Ninja headlamp legacy makes this scooter more visible captivating. But unfortunately not known what type of lights used in the headlamp Yamaha NMAX, estimated to have been using this type of LED that will provide bright lighting and maximum when driving in the dark or at night. Going down to the bottom there are 2 pieces turn signal that becomes one with the side fairing makes this premium scooter increasingly looks sporty and futuristic. Then move to the back of a very large NMAX Yamaha scooter moge typical sporty and charming. The section has a stop lamp and turn signal which merge into one to emit bright light because it uses LED lights that will give a clear signal for motorists behind Yamaha NMAX to be vigilant and cautious.

Complete the panel Speedometer Modern

Turning to the sector of the specification Yamaha NMAX speedometers found on the front of the handlebar / steering scooter. Has a shape that is not too large speedometer seems to make the front of the scooter is less proportional premium. But the impression was immediately eliminated because Yamaha NMAX have speedometers that FULL LCD design with multiple panels that complete and includes key features that can be activated at any time. The panel started from the pointer hour, the speed indicator, the indicator trip meter, fuel gauge, indicator of headlights, turn signal indicators and indicators of the machine. With some of the panel deemed good enough in knowing Yamaha NMAX condition at the time of use.

Typical dimensions of the scooter Moge Tough

As for the dimensions of the specification Yamaha NMAX look more robust and reliable than the Honda PCX 150. It has a larger dimension than the PCX 150 is 1966 x 740 x 1115 mm in fact did not make this automatic motor resulted in greater weight because it has a weight of 127 kg , With these dimensions create a more stable NMAX Yamaha to ride for long-distance travel (Touring). Especially with lighter weight 3 kg of PCX 150 make Yamaha NMAX increasingly felt responsive. Then for fuel tank capacity is 6.8 liters bigger than the PCX is only able to accommodate a 5.9 liter Yamaha makes it superior in long-distance travel. Because a single charge full fuel tank Yamaha NMAX can cover longer distances. As for luggage capacity of automatic motor Yamaha is not known with certainty. It is estimated that the larger dimensions also Yamaha NMAX provides greater luggage capacity that will give riders the flexibility to store the goods safely and comfortably.

Foot-Foot Bigger and Tough

While in the legs, specifications Yamaha NMAX has gambot size / large compared to the rival product. Starting from the base frame used Yamaha NMAX is kind Underbone will certainly produce a lighter frame than the kind of backbone that carried PCX 150 that will provide stable and responsive performance. Then the legs which have a larger size and wider ie 110/70 at the front and 130/70 size 13-inch wheels make this a more stable Yamaha NMAX in advance on any kind of track. Yet the size of wheels that seem a bit 'nyleneh' because it is different with the scooter in general the size of 14 inches is likely to create distress users in this premium scooter tire change. While Yamaha NMAX suspension was also tougher than the rival products because it uses a telescopic type on the front and on the back of the unit swing makes this scooter produce a performance that is very capable handling to maneuver. Not only that sector which is on specification braking Yamaha NMAX was superior because it has been using a single type of disc brakes on both wheels are different from the PCX is still using the type drum on the rear wheels. Especially with the first-class braking feature ABS increasingly making Yamaha NMAX safe and comfortable in sudden braking at any time.

Kitchen Runway More Powerful and Reliable

Endlessly specification Yamaha this NMAX lethal blow PCX 150. At this time review Mas Sena will review the runway of Yamaha NMAX kitchen. Using a 4 stroke engine (SOHC) with a slightly larger cubication 155 cc with a compression ratio of combustion 10.5: 1 makes Yamaha NMAX generate more power than the rival products. The capacity of the machine ejects maximum power reached 14.8 hp at 8,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 14.4 Nm at 6,000 RPM makes Yamaha NMAX will go faster because PCX 150 has a power of 13.1 hp only 8,500 RPM to 5,500 RPM torque of 13.1 Nm. Moreover, supported by lighter weight 3 kg produce PWR (Power to Weight Ratio) is greater and superior to that 0.0874 kW / kg compared PCX 150 that only perched on the figure 0.0749 kW / kg. Power is channeled through an automatic transmission-type V-Belt generate maximum acceleration. With the latest technology Core Blue Yamaha also makes Yamaha NMAX increasingly produce responsive performance and fuel efficiency.

Features ABS Providing Comfort Driving

It is known that the features contained in the specification Yamaha NMAX is sophisticated and modern features possessed by this premium scooter in its class. First, the features of the first-class braking ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) which is embedded in the front and rear brakes will make NMAX Yamaha rider is guaranteed his safety if sudden braking occurs during events that can result in fatal accidents. The braking feature will prevent the tire locked during sudden braking that will minimize the occurrence of accidents. The second is a VVA (Variable Valve actuation), which is the result of cooperation of a Japanese car manufacturer that is so big and popular that Toyota Motor Corporation. Technology on the NMAX Yamaha specifications similar to VVT-i engine technology found in most cars being created, where the technology is claimed will result in more efficient engine, powerful, environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. Moreover, the features on Yamaha NMAX Blue Core technology combined with the latest Yamaha that make driving more comfortable, safe and fun.

Further specifications NMAX Yamaha also has the claimed frame is very light and strong performance resulting in a more responsive handling, sporty and reliable. In addition it is claimed NMAX Yamaha also features a more complete speedometers and MID superior because it has a very useful feature. Using a 13-inch rims specially designed Yamaha will give control NMAX natural and sporty. Name NMAX unique style is also going to give the impression moge Yamaha scooter that has DNA / Gene MAX Series, such as the Yamaha TMAX, Yamaha Xmax, Yamaha Majesty and others. As for the standard functional features other automatic scooter is still not known clearly. It is estimated that the specification Yamaha NMAX has the same functional features with automatic-automatic Yamaha underneath. It may be that Yamaha NMAX is also going to have a more functional features modern and sophisticated to challenge PCX 150.

Specifications Yamaha NMAX
Engine type: Liquid cooled 4 stroke, SOHC
Number / position of the cylinder: Single Cylinder
Diameter X step: 58.00 mm x 58.7 mm
Compression ratio: 10.5: 1
Maximum power: 11.1 kW / 8000 rpm
Maximum torque: 14.4 Nm / 6000 rpm
Starter system: Electric Starter
Lubrication system: Wet
Engine Oil Capacity: 1.00 L: Periodically = 0.90 L
Fuel System: Fuel Injection
Clutch type: Dry, Centrifugal automatic
Transmission Type L: V-Belt Automatic
Ignition system: TCI
Battery: YT27V
Type Spark plugs: NGK / CPR8EA-9
P x L x T: 1955 mm X 740 mm X 1,115 mm
Wheelbase: 1.2350 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 135 mm
Seat height: 765 mm
Fill weight: 127 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 6.61
Type of order: Underbone
Front suspension: Telescopic
Rear suspension: Swing Unti
Front tire size: 110/70 - 13M / C 48P
Rear tire size: 130/70 - 13M / C 63P
Brakes Front: Single disc brake (ABS)
Rear brakes: Single disc brake (ABS)
Price Yamaha NMAX

Mas time Sena whisper NMAX Yamaha latest price after earlier review of this automatic motor ranging from the design to its features. Although information on the specifications of Yamaha NMAX is still not fully come by but with some reviews that Mas Sena is certainly very interesting to say not bro and sis? Do not feel yes we have come to review the price of Yamaha NMAX in this last segment. Eits, but before Mas Sena revealed the price of a premium automatic scooter Yamaha's latest creation helps us pull a little automatic motor Yamaha conclusions about this. According to Mas Sena Yamaha NMAX will repeat the success of such premium products previously localized like Yamaha YZF Yamaha YZF R25 and R15. By having various advantages such as larger dimensions but lighter, the engine produces more power and has a sophisticated modern features make this premium scooter easily beat PCX 150. Moreover, the price is Yamaha NMAX in sieve-sieve cheaper than the PCX 150 because it is made in Indonesia. Then what is the price of the latest Yamaha NMAX will be priced in Indonesia?

Actually, for the price of Yamaha NMAX is uncertain, although information about the prices that have been circulating in Indonesia turned out to have a considerable price ratio compared with the PCX 150. In accordance with various advantages still make NMAX Yamaha has a price premium, but not as high as the price of the product scooter premium rivals. From the information Mas Sena get Yamaha NMAX that he leaked in advance by YMC (Yamaha Motor Company). Yamaha Motor automatic is priced at Rp 27.4 million, - for its ABS version. For the price of Yamaha NMAX Non ABS version of its own until now not known as yet release this version in Indonesia. According to Mas Sena if leaked Yamaha NMAX price is really right and true in Indonesia. Then according Mas scooter Sena is considered very comparable because the prices are still affordable, you can have a premium scooter more stable and reliable performance. How does bro and sis intend to have the latest premium scooter from Yamaha's after knowing the price of the latest Yamaha NMAX?

But you need to know if the price is Yamaha NMAX Mas Sena convey is On The Road Prices for Jakarta area. For the price of Yamaha NMAX in other regions are likely to experience a shift in price because of distribution and so forth. You yourself can go to the official Yamaha dealers to find out about the official information and the assurance of selling prices in your area. Make sure you prepare a budget in advance for Yamaha NMAX price is high for an automatic motorcycle. With these prices steady Yamaha to release a variant of the automatic motor premium to the Indonesian public. Yamaha expects high expectations for the success of this bike. So we'll see sales growth variant of this unique automatic motor.

Candidate strong competitors from Honda PCX 150 is indeed promising maximum performance and resilient. Differences between the two versions are the specifications and features can be said to be not too far away. A major factor is the difference in Honda PCX 150 is made in CBU (Completely Built Up) while Yamaha NMAX produced in the country. Well that's what causes the difference in price is Yamaha NMAX with rivals so far to more than 10 millions. So bro who want a scooter with a 150 cc engine cubication will be faced with two choices between Honda PCX 150 or Yamaha NMAX. If Mas Sena itself still prefer Yamaha NMAX than Honda PCX 150 because although the product is not built up, but now according to the latest developments of automotive products made in the country began trustworthy quality and sold to neighboring countries. But I submit all decisions on your to determine which best scooter which was originally going to take home. Thus a full review of the latest price NMAX Yamaha on the last segment then close encounter on occasion I review this time. See you.

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