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This Info Daytona 675R, Read More

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This Info Daytona 675R, Read More

British motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph, again presents the newest products in the segment of motor sport with the launch of the Daytona 675R model 2011. It says Triumph, this bike is designed to be used for daily but also ready to devour the track circuit for the purpose of racing. Triumph, the motor of this latest generation has increased the ability of suspense, brakes and body shape. As reported by, the engineers from the UK has teamed up with Sweden's famous suspension manufacturer, Ohlins, in order to complement this with a Triumph Daytona 675R specifically for racing. This middle-class motor sport suspense NIX30 apply sized 43mm which is usually only used on racing bikes the Italian manufacturer. While applying the mono shock rear suspension TTX36 developed for MotoGP.
Daytona 675R
Sector braking, Brembo has also contributed to supply the braking device 675R Daytona. Triumph says that by applying the brakes from Brembo, Daytona 675R has a top-in-class stopping power. More information. Racing features that became standard on this bike include quick-shift system and a body made of carbon fiber. Including Hugger, exhaust cover and front mudguard. Daytona 675R also comes with other supporting instruments such as lap timer and signal lights shift to achieve maximum power. Triumph says that his machine capable of removing the power up to 124 hp at 12,600 rpm. While tortsi reached 72 Nm. Not quite up there, Triumph also provides a range of accessories to support the view of Daytona 675R as a sticker placed on slincer exhaust, racing-style style style CNC to cover the engine and rear seat cover. Unfortunately, Triumph have not provided more information about the specifications and the price of this new motor sport.

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