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This Info Ducati MONSTER 695, Read More

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This Info Ducati MONSTER 695, Read More

The Ducati MONSTER 695 introduces new graphics and colour treatments in step with its increased performance. A matte black colour combined with red, long associated with Ducati Corse, has been selectively applied to the bike. The engine of the 695 is its most important technical advancement, and much more than an additional 75 cc\'s of displacement might indicate. The 63 hp of the 620 has been increased to 73 hp for the 695, the highest output per cubic centimetre of all Ducati air-cooled engines.
Ducati MONSTER 695 engine
The rider\'s environment on the 695 is one of comfort, control and confidence. With the lowest seat height of any Ducati, riders can plant both feet securely on the ground. The rider\'s position is more upright as hands reach to a set of raised handlebars that are a bit wider for increased comfort and control. The footpegs strike a comfortable balance between a rearward sport position and a forward laid-back sport cruiser position. All in all, a rider feels confident and in control aboard a Monster 695.
Ducati MONSTER 695 engine
The 695 takes full advantage of the confidence inspiring road-holding and stability contribution of the Ducati trellis frame design. The trellis frame is light, rigid and beautiful, and distinctively Ducati. Quality Marzocchi 43 mm inverted forks and a Sachs rear shock, both crafted in Italy, smooth out the bumps and add their share of poise to the 695\'s road manners. here for you view more Ducati MONSTER 695 Specification

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