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Information New GTA Spano, Read Here

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Information New GTA Spano, Read Here

2013 GTA Spano is Spanish super car that appeared in 2013 Top Marques Monaco. 2013 GTA Spano also appeared at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. This version gets a new engine capable of producing 900hp, 1000 737 lb-ft of torque. The latest GTA Spano can drive up to 100km / h in 2.9 seconds, reaching a top speed of more than 350km / h. 2013 GTA Spano’s body is built with carbon fiber, bodywork, wheels and interior decorated with gold accents. Chassis built with titanium alloy, carbon fiber and Kevlar. This material alloy produces great rigidity and light weight. This strongly supports the acceleration of the car on the highway. New GTA Spano is also equipped with a range of new components such as front and side air intakes, rear view mirror, front hood, and door-opening system. At the rear is equipped with a new large diffuser, more modern and aggressive.

2013 GTA Spano is built with a blend of all the automobile technology, sportsmanship, elegance and exclusivity. This car is a limited edition, it will only be produced as many as 99 units.

2013 GTA Spano Release Date

2013 GTA Spano is present at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. 2013 GTA Spano Release Date – GTA already has distribution agreements with various countries include USA, Germany, Russia, China, United Arab Emirates, Italy, and New Zealand. Currently, the GTA motor continues to expand its distribution network to other countries.

2013 GTA Spano Specs

2013 GTA Spano is powered by a supercharged 8.3-liter V10 with an increase in power output and torque. Electronic power control systems can be customized to the buyer, minimum 450 cv. You also can choose 2 options Gearbox; automatic 7-speed sequential with steering wheel paddle shift or automatic 7-speed manual sequential. This engine can generate power of 820 HP, 1000 737 lb-ft of torque. With the increase in compressor, 2013 GTA Spano capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of over 350 km / h. It makes 2013 GTA Spano has a position among the top five fastest cars commercialized in the world.

2013 GTA Spano Interior

2013 GTA Spano interior is fitted with leather and high-quality carbon fiber. Recaro leather seats with sport design, support power adjustment system with heating and cooling. Patented interior lighting and liquid crystal shading system. Light level can be arranged according to your mood. Dashboard is designed with sports display, instrument panel is supported by a 7 “LCD screen that can be personalized according to the needs, including functional buttons to adjust the front bodywork, rear wing and also system opacity of the glass roof. Panoramic glass roof was added to increase the space and also increase the luminosity in in the car. Behind the wheel, equipped with a joystick that allows you to operate the lights, wipers and indicators. To facilitate parking maneuvers, a wide-angle camera work automatically connects after activating the rear gear.
2013 GTA Spano Exterior look with shiny surfaces. Lateral view is different from other sports cars. Doors fitted to the air intake has a variety of functions; aerodynamics, oil cooler, power-assisted steering and brakes. GTA logotype implanted for access to the interior, this elegant and modern. You just simply press the button. Window is electrically with the state-of-the-art. Rearview mirror made by carbon fiber. Arm wing is designed in aeronautical mechanical aluminum. Wheels, 19 “front and 20″ in the rear with a distinctive angular shape. On the back, above the engine covered with glass with small openings, serves to cool the engine. The wings are designed with air channeling bottom. Twin Exhaust system and two air intakes confirms sports vehicle.
2013 GTA Spano Wallpaper 2013 GTA Spano Information
2013 GTA Spano Pics 2013 GTA Spano Information
2013 GTA Spano Exterior 2013 GTA Spano Information

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