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Latest Specifications and Price Yamaha R25 ABS 2017

Latest Specifications and Price Yamaha R25 ABS 2017 - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Latest Specifications and Price Yamaha R25 ABS 2017, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

Latest Specifications and Price Yamaha R25 ABS 2017

Specifications and Price Yamaha R25 ABS - Apparently in 2015 it became a momentum of rise for the motor manufacturer that has the symbol of pride Fork Tala the Yamaha, especially in Indonesia. The proof in 2015 is the manufacturer who has the Dark Blue color is pounding the national automotive market by launching several new flagship product is continuously though gradually. After they introduce new products that are on the scooter segment with Blue Core technology, is now YIMM latest motor sport product launches in March 2015 Yamaha R25 ABS. Well to be added, let's look at reviews of Yamaha R25 ABS ala Mas Sena following which will reveal in full how the toughness of the super sport bike safely with its ABS technology is. Yamaha R25 ABS curious about this? Let's just look at the reviews of Mas Sena below.

Yamaha R25 abs

With the launch of the latest ABS Yamaha R25 is then expected to further provide sales dominance of the national motor sport bigger. Where previously a competitor manufacturer or Kawasaki Team Green had already presenting the components of ABS in motor sport them the Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fi. Yamaha R25 ABS is actually not have change so mean and especially on the design, especially space fuel. Motor sport Yamaha is only updated with first-class braking device components namely ABS better ensure the safety and security of berkendara.Untuk furthermore, let us refer reviews about specs Yamaha R25 ABS who Mas Sena summarized below.
yamaha motor R25 abs

Specifications Yamaha R25 ABS
Very Sporty design, Gahar and Aggressive

On the design side of the specification Yamaha R25 ABS visible motor sport is still showing the same design with the standard variant, with a tapered body design concepts with sharp indentations but looks fine. The design will certainly give the impression of a sporty, gahar and aggressive for a motor sport. Starting from the front of the Yamaha R25 ABS looks very classy with the presence of light design Dual Predator Head Light which is shaped like a shark who glared and combined with the visor clear sized to break wind at will either give the impression of a very aggressive, sporty and provide aerodynamic system maximum. Yamaha R25 ABS has a distinctive handlebar clamp motor sport combined with a large-sized tank cover will produce a system that is quite comfortable ergonomic driving because the driver will feel fit to flank the motor and driving. Motor sport also has mirrors are large enough will make the driving experience safer and more comfortable. On the visible side has a maximum sporty impression thanks to multilayer fairing which have sharp angles on each part. Then on the back of the specification Yamaha R25 ABS looks very sporty thanks to the seat boncenger separate or can be called single seat combined with LED lights on the back. In addition to the Yamaha R25 ABS rear fender suspension is fixed to a solid design and will certainly give the impression of sporty very maximum.

Super Sport Speedometer

On the dashboard of the specification Yamaha R25 ABS have speedometers that design super sport motorcycle that will give the impression that the more sporty, stylish and luxurious. Speedometer Yamaha R25 ABS is seen to have a design that blends between a panel with other panels. Starting from the indicator panel rotations per minute the machine has a hexagonal shape that are available fuel indicator panel, a clock indicator, engine indicator, the indicator FuelInjection (FI) and engine temperature indicator. Then in the next section there is a speed indicator panel, which also contained indikatortrip meter, oil and gear position. In addition, you can find neutral information panels, headlights, turn signal lights and some driving mode button. Obviously with the completeness of the speedometer panel designed draw on the specifications of Yamaha R25 ABS This course will give you the ease of information about the condition of a quarter liter of motor sport.

Yamaha R25 specifications abs

Dimensions Motor Sport Tough and Steady

Furthermore, on the dimensions of the specification Yamaha R25 ABS does have the size of a strong and steady for a quarter of a liter of motor sport in Indonesia. With detail dimensions measuring 2090 x 720 x 1135 mm wheelbase reach 1380 mm which has a seat height of 780 mm and has a weight of 166 kg, Yamaha R25 ABS is considered to be very fit to be ridden adults in Indonesia. Also with the right dimensions and relatively light weight class riders will make it easy to carry or menggeber this bike in the street. The storage tank has a fuel capacity of 14.3 liters with a 3-liter reserve tank will certainly provide a lot of fuel supply and are able to travel long distances to a full filling. Specifications Yamaha R25 ABS is also created by the frame type or frame-type diamond which would give a powerful performance and easy handling to be controlled.

Reliable legs Stable

As for the legs of the specification Yamaha R25 ABS has wide footprint size so as to provide a reliable and stable performance even for high speed though. Size 110/70 tires have details on the front and 140/70 at the rear are both paired with 17-inch alloy wheels. Yamaha R25 ABS suspension systems have adopted the type Telescopic Fork diameter of 41 mm at the front with rear suspension Suspension manifold Monocross® will absorb shocks well and supporting high-handing performance in the maneuver at any time. For the braking system, Yamaha R25 ABS is equipped with the type of disc floating measuring 298 mm at the front wheels which have a double piston and discs measuring 220 mm at the rear wheel which has a single piston will function maximum braking to reduce or stop the vehicle at any time if needed. Even for the sake of providing security braking latest generation, this specification Yamaha R25 ABS braking system has been equipped with ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) increasingly provide guarantees safety driving.
yamaha motor specification R25 abs

Engine Runway At Full Power class

Turning on the engine of specification Yamaha R25 ABS does have the best performance in its class the 250 cc sport bike. Has an engine 4 steps capacity of 250 cc which consists of two upright which has the technology DOHC 8 valves and has a compression combustion of 11.6: 1, Yamaha R25 ABS capable of spraying power reaches a maximum of 36 PS at rpm to 12,000 rpm with a maximum torque reached 22.1 Nm at round 10,000 RPM. Power will be channeled through a 6 speed manual transmission that feels very solid to accelerate or achieve maximum top speed. Has a fuel supply system tech FuelInjection (FI) followed at TCI ignition system (Ignition TransistorizedControl) will certainly provide maximum engine performance from Yamaha R25 ABS this while still providing efficient fuel consumption.

Features Typical Motor Sport

No doubt that the advantages or features that are owned by the specification Yamaha R25 ABS has a typical upper-class motor sport world. Starting from the Super Sport Split Seat upholstery will give a very sporty appearance and provide optimal riding performance but does not reduce the comfort of the driver and passenger behind. With Super Sport Speedometer features available on the Yamaha R25 ABS certainly can provide information such as a complete indicator gear position and Gear Shift Indicator Lamp rarely seems possessed by motor sport 150cc class up to 250 cc other. Then blend Predator Dual Head Light and Super Sport Led Tail Light on specifications Yamaha R25 ABS will look very sporty and aggressive start from the front to the back.

Furthermore, for driving comfort, specification Yamaha R25 ABS equipped with CastWide Aluminum Wheel & Tire Wide giving a strong foothold, wide footprint and lightweight so as to provide maximum driving performance. Then Asymmetrical Rear Arm & Twin Tube Rear Suspensionby KYB also pinned on Yamaha R25 ABS that will provide stable driving performance and stable handling performance to maneuver in all kinds of speed. Mid ShipSporty mufler presence will also provide exhaust combustion process can be maximized as well as the additional power generating motor sport dual-cylinder sound character. Now special specification ABS Yamaha R25 is pinned superior features ABS which prevents the tires locked up when braking hard, especially at high speeds so that the risk of accidents can be minimized or avoided.

Specifications Yamaha R25 ABS

Component Type
Type of engine: 4 Steps, 8 valve DOHC liquid cooled
Number of Cylinders / position: Two / Upright
Diameter X steps: 60.0 x 44.1 mm
Comparison Compression: 11.6: 1
Fuel system: Fuel Injection
Ignition system: TCI (Transistorized Ignition Control)
Busi Type: CR9E
Battery Type: GTZ8V (MF Battery 7.4 Ah)
Starter system: Electric Starter
Lubrication system: Wet
Engine oil capacity: Total = 2.40 L; Periodically = 1.80 L; Replace oil filter = 2.10 L
Length x width x height: 2,090 mm X 720 mm X 1,135 mm
Seat height: 780 mm
Ground clearance: 160 mm
Wheel base: 1380 mm
Caster angle: 25 degrees
Trail: 95 mm
Maximum power: 26.5 kW (36 PS) @ 12,000 rpm
Maximum torque: 22,1N.m @ 10,000 rpm
Fill weight: 166 kg
Tank Capacity: 14.3 L (Res: 3 L)
Frame Type: Diamond
Transmission Type: Manual, 6-speed
Clutch Type: Wet, Clutch manual, multipleplatform
Tires Front & Rear: Tubeless 110 / 70-17M / C (54s) and 140/70 - 17M / C (66s)
Brakes Front & Rear: Floating discs Ø 298mm, Dual Piston & Piston Single discs Ø 220mm, ABS
Suspension Front: Telescopic Fork (diameter 41 mm)
Rear Suspension: Monocross Suspension
Front lamp: DC Halogen 12V, 55W (H7)
Taillight: LED

Price Yamaha R25 ABS
How very complete and interesting not bro and sis? That review of the specification of motor sport the latest quarter liter of Yamaha from various sides. Time for us to review the price of the latest ABS Yamaha R25 in the official price in Indonesia. But before Mas Sena Yamaha R25 ABS revealed the price it is worth examining a little conclusion on the last segment. As we all know for a premium sport bike made in Yamaha in the 250 cc class in the standard variant only looks cool, sporty, powerful and gahar. Moreover, with the ABS version which has the look of a more 'eyecatching' or pulling makes Yamaha R25 ABS should have been for those of you who are looking for a quart of motor sport. With a more sporty appearance is given to the Yamaha R25 ABS is of course makes it very suitable for those who are youthful in spirit on-fire. Although this bike on a raft in full in Indonesia but the quality can compete with Yamaha CBU motor or other competitors. Even Yamaha R25 ABS has been exported to several countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia, but with another version of the Yamaha YZF R3 ABS. Then what is the price of the latest ABS Yamaha R25 is priced
Yamaha R25 price abs

In accordance with the segmentation that a quarter liter of motor sport who have the first-class braking the ABS then certainly latest prices ABS Yamaha R25 is priced to be more expensive than the price of a Yamaha YZF R25 standard variant. Absolutely the Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing has launched the official price Yamaha R25 ABS is priced at Rp figures. 59 Million. Yamaha R25 ABS indeed the price is more expensive USD. 6 Million compared to standard variant. According to Mas Sena price is already very comparable to what is offered by Yamaha R25 ABS as motor sport is having a security device that is more secure braking. In addition to the changes made in some parts also gives the impression of an attractive and sporty. How do you intend to buy a quart of motor sport after knowing the price Yamaha Yamaha R25 ABS latest?
Yamaha R25 price newest abs

But keep in mind that the price of Yamaha R25 is the latest ABS OTR price prevailing in Jakarta, so for other areas may experience differences in prices caused by several factors, one of which is due to the distribution. Well to check the price of Yamaha R25 ABS is certainly applicable in your area, Mas Sena advised to come directly to the Yamaha dealer in your city. According to Mas Alone heck with the ABS braking features on Yamaha R25 ABS is certainly going to guarantee more safety to the rider. 250cc sport bike course which has super fast speed must also be supported by safety and security features are sufficient to prevent things that are not desired when the motor is firmly menggeber. Similarly, a review of the price of Yamaha R25 ABS latest on the last segment then close encounter Mas Sena on the occasion of the reviews this time. Do not forget to read also review Mas Sena about Yamaha R25 standard version as well as Yamaha R15 which is a variant below.

Articles Latest Specifications and Price Yamaha R25 ABS 2017 has finished we discussed

A few knowledge Latest Specifications and Price Yamaha R25 ABS 2017 to inform from a variety of sources, hopefully this post helpful to you in finding the latest automotive news because technology is always changing towards better and more sophisticated.

You're reading the information about Latest Specifications and Price Yamaha R25 ABS 2017 and url link of this article is Hopefully this article could be useful and do not forget to come back to this blog when you want the latest information, thanks

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