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Newer whiz Mazda in Grand Turismo 6

Newer whiz Mazda in Grand Turismo 6 - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Newer whiz Mazda in Grand Turismo 6, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

Newer whiz Mazda in Grand Turismo 6

Newer whiz Mazda in Grand Turismo 6 - Who does not know the video game Grand Turismo series is the racing game genre in gaming consoles available at many fast cars or 'Supercar' prototype created by various car manufacturers in the world. Currently racing game genre has entered the 6th edition where the cars were more modern, fast and cool. Not to be outdone by other car manufacturers, the Japanese car manufacturer Mazda make a car that is participating in racing game Gran Turismo 6 is. The new family of the Grand Turismo Vision Cars Mazda LM55 has a name. As a prototype car that is made in the game this car has a view that super 'sadistic' visible indentation bodynya almost like pole or 'F1' but more modern and futuristic.

Newer whiz Mazda in Grand Turismo
Looks like car prototype made ​​to recall the legendary Mazda 787B that won the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1991 racing season, as well as respect for other racing event that in the event the World Sportscar Championship and the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship with R26B rotary engine that has four motors .

Launched by Worldcarfans page, Friday (12/26/2014) that Mazda Mazda said virtual design team has combined elements 'agility and elegance' in the car with the 'dynamic silhouette' this. Mazda also will continue to strive to be the brand that enrich the lives of customers and maintain special ties with customers in several ways.

Seen on the prototype car Mazda 787B trying to respect the original form that inspired the design of LM55, but also still bring a new identity to their cars this one is by design language 'Kodo: Soul of Motion'. Just look at the future of Mazda car prototype is similar to the Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Mazda MX-5 and Mazda CX-5.Bedanya only typical Kodo grille is designed very squashed in accordance with the lower body, long and aero dinamais. Then if Mazda will produce a prototype car of the future real life? Let's wait bro and sis. Read also ready to debut the NSX supercar and Ford Shelby GT500 Limited Edition Signature .

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A few knowledge Newer whiz Mazda in Grand Turismo 6 to inform from a variety of sources, hopefully this post helpful to you in finding the latest automotive news because technology is always changing towards better and more sophisticated.

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