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Premium will be removed ?

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Premium will be removed ?

Premium Will Di Remove - Makin decline in world oil prices are likely to make low-octane fuel and the cheapest in Indonesia eliminated. The possibility is also supported by a team of Oil and Gas Governance Reform (RTKM) which recommended the government to halt the import of fuel RON Octane 88. With these recommendations it will stop selling gasoline this kind in the entire public refueling stations (gas stations) Indonesia.

Premium Will Di Remove
Although this recommendation is a proposal led by Faisal Basri but will be accommodated and accommodated in government and PT Pertamina (Persero) as the state-owned company that manages the fuel oil in Indonesia. According to information circulating the reason for removing this type of fuel as gasoline octane 88 This makes an easy target for oil mafia in Indonesia. The condition is caused by limitations in the use of fuel oil refinery old age can only meet the needs of only half of the fuel in the country needs to reach 1.5 million barrels per day. That has resulted in low efficiency and very high cost of production refinery. Even some existing refineries can only produce petrol, diesel and kerosene only. So for Indonesia only buy 92 octane fuel up and then given a brand PERTAMAX or PERTAMAX Plus by Pertamina.

Supposedly in processing imported gasoline must perform mixing or process 'Blending' naphtha gasoline by adding substances to the same specifications with RON 88 or higher. But what happened in Indonesia the production process to make special specifications in Indonesia makes producers set prices as they please. Therefore Indonesia could not do anything that a gap for the cartel to enter. Because the process is unfair and inefficient that RTKM team recommends the government to stop the import of RON 88.

For transitioning deletion 88 octane fuel is estimated to take approximately five months for PT Pertamina (Persero) to no longer sell Premium Octane 88 and replace it with PERTAMAX (92 octane fuel) in all retail outlets in Indonesia. Actually, if it is applied, but at a price that is not connected with the current premium price will get a good reception for consumers in Indonesia. Because the 92 octane fuel quality proved better in the combustion process in the engine. Read also Portions Vehicles For Children and Flood Facing the Street .

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