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Price List Vespa Piaggio 2015

Price List Vespa Piaggio 2015 - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Price List Vespa Piaggio 2015, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

Price List Vespa Piaggio 2015

Price Vespa Matic 2015 - Who does not know the legendary brand this one? Products bike look different from the other. The figure is a famous brand of Italian-made Vespa that Piaggio. Vespa has a unique shape with curves that exist in every corner of its body. If you are riding a motorcycle made this Piaggio, classic impression will instantly feel as a motor scooter is indeed made such that for the lovers of classic motorcycles. Currently Vespa Piaggio has developed products for the better, various changes were made to make this bike more comfortable and environmentally friendly. This time Mas Sena will provide pricing information Vespa 2015.

2015 Vespa price
Before we look at the list price of the Vespa in 2015 turned out to be a variety of interesting changes have been made to the classic motorcycle Piaggio this. Such a change in the engine once using 2-stroke engine is now transformed into matic machine. This proves that the Piaggio keen to innovate against Vespa products that are not only unique sector of Vespa body shapes are favored but in terms of machines, convenience, and security also be improved to be more loved enthusiast Vespa motorcycles . As we know itself in Indonesia, many communities are very fanatic Vespa lovers. They modify their Vespa into a cool look and bold. Well then what the price of the Vespa in 2015?
vespa price matic 2015
Price Vespa Matic 2015
When it comes to the price of the Vespa in 2015 of course, we need to consider the latest variants Vespa sold in Indonesia. Vespa - Vespa Piaggio latest basically have the same body shape of Piaggio Vespa in antiquity as the 1960s. As there own foothold for his feet, which made the round headlamp or box, right and left parts of the body that are typical Vespa protruding shell, etc. This proves that the Piaggio did not want to leave the impression of a classic on the product to retain vespanya with new product designs that remain a classic. Because Piaggio Vespa know the value of the sale is bodynya unique design, classic, and different from the others. Then if you are still curious about the price of the latest 2015 vespa matic?
2015 Vespa motor primera
In 2015 Vespa price is priced more expensive than regular motor made in Japan. If the motor is usually only play in the numbers of tens of millions, then the price of this Piaggio Vespa could play in figure 30s million for its products. But for the price Vespa lovers seem not to be a problem, because it is famous Vespa lovers loyal to products made by Piaggio. Arguably this product has no competition because other brands play in the different sectors of the motor. This makes Matic 2015 Vespa price remained stable in the Indonesian market and has a high selling price.
vespa motor price matic 2015
The 2015 Vespa prices vary because of the type of motor has several variants of exclusive and elegant. In Indonesia there are many variants such as the Vespa LX 125, LX 150 IE 3V, the Vespa S, Primavera, New Sprint, Vespa 946, etc. Each product has a body shape and different specifications. The price there are hundreds of millions. Let's just take a look matic 2015 Vespa price already Semisena show in the table below:

Piaggio Vespa Price Newest

Piaggio Vespa type Price

  • Vespa ZIP Rp. 15,000,000
  • Vespa Liberty 100 Rp. 16,000,000
  • Vespa Liberty 100 S Rp. 16,500,000
  • Liberty Vespa 150 ie 2012 Rp. 23,000,000
  • Vespa LX 125 Rp. 24,000,000
  • Vespa PX 150 Rp. 60.2 million
  • Vespa LX 150 ie 3V Rp. 26,500,000
  • Vespa S 150 3V Rp. 28.25 million
  • Vespa LXV 150 3V Rp. 30.6 million
  • Vespa MP3 Yourban Rp. 100 400 000
  • Vespa GTS 250 Rp. 70.2 million
  • Vespa 946 Rp. 146 million

That's the latest price list 2015 Vespa successful Semisena collected. The price above the price of On The Road to Surabaya and East Java. For other areas may be little difference in the price of the Vespa. For more details you can direct the data to the Piaggio dealer nearest you. The last paragraph of this as the cover price information matic 2015 Vespa. Thank you for visiting the site Mas Sena. See also Price Honda and Yamaha Motor Price .

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