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Specifications and Price Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 Powerful Electric Motor Extraordinary!

Specifications and Price Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 Powerful Electric Motor Extraordinary! - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Specifications and Price Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 Powerful Electric Motor Extraordinary!, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

Specifications and Price Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 Powerful Electric Motor Extraordinary!

Specifications and Price Zero Motorcycles SR FX 12.5 - Development of the automotive world growing rapidly in recent years have forced all manufacturers to develop products for the sake of innovation and technology to get better from all sides compared with previous models. With innovation and better technology that it will be very easy to attract consumers. Talking about innovation and technology, currently popular on the existence of an electric vehicle that has been created in the form of a car or motorcycle. But on this occasion Mas Sena will discuss about two-wheeled vehicles with the latest innovation and technology created by Zero Motorcycles is Zero Zero SR SR FX FX 2015 12.5 12.5 This is a two-wheeled motor vehicles that utilize electric power instead of fuel oil again yes bro and sis. Okay, penasarankan? Check out the full review of features and price Zero FX 12.5 SR 2015 along Mas Sena on this special review.

zero sr fx 12.5
Zero SR 12.5 FX is one of the models of electric motors made ​​in Zero Motorcycles . Automotive company based in California, USA and was created by Neil Saiki has developed electric motors since 2006. He initially made the electric motor off road and is currently developing an electric motor products streets. Actually Zero SR 12.5 FX has been introduced in the country of origin since 2014. But for the automotive market new homeland can feel the ride with this latest innovation in mid-2015. By relying on local distributors, namely PT Garasindo Technologies Group, they will be sure to look at the automotive market competition in Indonesia next year. Because Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 has an advantage as a major power not possessed conventional motor in the form of electricity, which certainly would be more economical and has some excellent features such as ABS brakes, shock Showa and others. Well, for more details to follow the review bro Mas Sena for Specifications and Price Zero SR FX 2015 12.5 below!
motor-electric, zero-sr-fx-12.5
zero electric motor sr fx 12.5
Specifications Zero FX 12.5 SR 2015
Previous Mas Sena began to first review the specifications Zero FX 12.5 SR 2015 in terms of the design of this beforehand. It turns out that the electric motor made in Zero Motorcycles is not less handsome with other conventional motors. Even the concept of the design specification Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 which embraces the concept of 'Naked Bike' very modern can be paired with 'MOGE' large current capacity. With dimensions of the wheel base of 1410 mm, seat height 807 mm and weight of 208 kg was no less comfortable than other conventional motors when ridden. Even the type of frame and body work manifold modern delta box will make Zero SR 12.5 2015 FX easy to drive because of the stability of the frame of this kind. Powered by Showa shock that is up-side down on the front and monoshock at the rear would make handling more comfortable. Even the tires used are tires Pirelli Diablo Rosso II type large is 110/70 at the front and 140/70 at the rear by using a wheel-shaped asymmetrical when viewed similar to Satria FU and measuring 17 inches will make a mount Zero SR FX 2015 12.5 is more comfortable and stable to drive. Installation of this unique form of alloy wheels further indicate if this bike is typical style stylish motorcycle. For the braking system of a specification Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 using discs measuring 320 mm at the front and 240 mm discs measuring thats enough to stop or reduce speed when the electric motor is driving.
specification zero sr fx 12.5
We further let's look at the specs Zero SR FX 2015 12.5 deeper. The design of the front of the main lamp itself is not too big and it is simple to make electric motors will illuminate the streets at night with the maximum and will also support this motor so viewed from the front. On the side of Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 is a bit strange looks that seem to have the look sober. But make no mistake because in the existing fairing quite large electric motor as the motor of this vehicle. At the helm seat, combined with a tank that is not too large reservoir contains a battery electric power is felt quite comfortable for the rider Zero FX 12.5 SR 2015 in bulldoze streets of the capital. By using the handlebar manifold as motocross handlebar bar will certainly make maximum comfort enough rudder to take a trip distance. At Zero speedometer 12.5 SR FX 2015 has a modern digital design shows some indicators such as battery indicator available, measurement speed, trip meter and a few other indicators that would be very useful to monitor the vehicle at the time of use. The back was not inferior to 'MOGE' at this time because the specification Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 this one uses a hanging fender combined with a stop lamp type LED will enhance the sporty modern electric motors.

After discussing the specification Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 from the look and design of electric motors is time for us to move on to the kitchen sector runway this bike. Specifications 12.5 Zero SR FX 2015 uses the motor manifold Z-Force® 75-7 with air conditioning that has a level to late-efficient high, radial flux, high-temp permanent magnet and brushless motors. With the support of high efficiency motor control ie, 660 amp, 3-phase brushless controller with regenerative deceleration Zero SR FX engine produces a maximum power of 12.5 to 50 kW (67 hp) to appeal or 144 Nm maximum torque this will produce a very rapid initial attraction because Zero SR 12.5 FX uses direct drive clutchless transmission without pause that is very different from the conventional transmission and it means that the increase in power will remain uphill or can be said linear graph continues to climb up without power reduction though.
motor specifications zero sr fx 12.5
Even with the large gear on the back of the specification Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 is 130 T and the appeal or the generated torque can reach the speed of acceleration from 0-100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds with a time course. Compare it with acceleration 'MOGE' like Ducati Panigale 1199 conventional, Yamaha R1, CBR 1000R and others who have time acceleration 0-100 km / h is longer namely around 4-5 seconds. Wow can imagine how quickly Zero FX 12.5 SR 2015 the electric motor is bolted. But with excess acceleration, this motor has a limit which is still far less power when compared to conventional MOGE. You even do not feel excessive vibration due to the stability of gear Zero FX 12.5 SR is in control speed.

The presence of carbon fiber coir Zero specifications 12.5 SR FX 2015 also reduces the minimum level of friction in the motor gear so you do not need to always perform maintenance on the electric motor's gear. Moreover, with the maximum capability of the runway Zero 12.5 SR FX 2015 can only achieve maximum top speed of 164 km / hour different from the conventional moge which can reach a maximum speed of up to 300 km / hour. But of course with the speed limit will result in longer battery life. Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 uses a battery with a capacity of 12.5 kWh for the standard version and 15.3 kWh manifold Z-Force® Intelligent Li-Ion battery can travel a maximum distance of 298 km on the streets of the city, 185 miles on the freeway roads and 201 miles a combination of both. Surely power or battery capacity at Zero specifications 12.5 SR FX 2015 is very economical because it only costs $ 1.72 or less than Rp 20,000 for once chargenya. Very economical not? Due to the cost of the tejangkau battery charge can cover hundreds of kilometers.

For features in the specification Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 is no less complete than the other conventional big motor. In addition to using the battery from 12.5 kWh capacity that can cover a distance of 250 km lebihm this motor also uses Power Tank features in other versions that can travel longer distances again. Power tanks you can choose to use or not to your liking because this is the accessories on Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015. This feature provides you with a maximum capacity of 15.3 kWh be! Amazing is not it? With a capacity larger battery of course you will get the energy to be able to walk further use Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015. Even Zero claims if these batteries can add a distance of more than 100 km of standard battery on a straight road.

In the specification Zero SR FX 2015 12.5 you will also get additional features integrated storage compartment features that are in the key and released on the tanks. If you are not carrying goods then you can replace the tank with tank power accessories to get extra power pack capacity of 2.8 kWh. Another feature that is made in the Showa suspension that has been popular with the convenience of handling or maneuvers that are also used in other conventional MOGE. This suspension system can provide a slick collaboration to control the FX 12.5 Zero SR 2015 so that only produce lumps as small as possible when passing through the hole. Zero ensure standard suspension settings can be adjusted to meet the demands of a variety of different riders. Moreover Zero 12.5 SR FX 2015 is also equipped with a braking system that maximum is Bosch ABS on both cakramnya that produces the best braking performance when speeding though. In addition, this feature will be very helpful when you decide to turn because the braking is done Zero SR FX 2015 12.5 is noticeably smoother once so you will not fall despite being in a high speed. To monitor the condition of the electric motor in addition to using a digital speedometer can be done by utilizing the Zero Motorcycle application very modern in your smartphone. With such a high enough dimension Zero 12.5 SR FX 2015 also claimed safe to pass through a puddle of water or flood water with a maximum height of 0.5 meters because of the position of the battery is inside the tank or the top of the motor. But if the deeper puddles better electric motor is stored only. Another advantage of the specification Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 ie when the electric motor's battery energy is up, then you can easily fill in repeated anywhere for wearing standard battery charging device that does not require complicated equipment charger.

Price Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015
Now that's a full review of Zero SR FX 2015 12.5-made Zero Motorcycles, starting from the side view to its superior features. Very interesting is not bro and sis? Without feel we have entered a zero price segment SR FX latest 12.5. But before entering the Zero-price segment of SR 12.5 FX 2015 Mas Sena will give a bit of conclusions regarding the electric motor on this one. Zero SR 12.5 FX 2015 is the right choice for future vehicles, in which the current fuel prices continue to soar. By using this electric motor it will suppress your spending more leverage than other conventional vehicles. Even for the care and use of electric motors that are easier than other conventional motors make a plus for those of you who would plan to have this electric motor. Moreover, the level of motor efficiency is very high and excellent physical appearance that will make people who see being amazed adds to the attractiveness to buy this 12.5 Zero SR FX. In general Mas Sena believes there is no shortage on this bike are quite injure value to the motorcycle Zero. Then what is the price of Zero SR FX 2015 12.5 latest automotive market priced in the homeland?
sr zero price fx 12.5
It turned out to have made electric motors Zero Motorcycles are one requires pockets too deep because the price of FX 12.5 SR latest Zero itself is quite high. Because the process of assembly, parts and technology is still relatively new and relatively high manufacturing costs almost the same as other conventional MOGE. For the price of FX 12.5 SR 2015 Zero itself is priced at $ 17.840 or Rp 220 million, -. Well how bro very expensive well for a motorcycle? Even the price with a price range that much of bro was able to bring home a middle-class car instead? So bro all need to consider before you decide to buy an electric motor which is very expensive. According to Mas Sena itself is the budget that much had been appropriate if we consider the electric motor's performance aspects such incredible. But it is too expensive anyway if we review the return. How counterparts Mas Sena interested to possess this bike after knowing the price of Zero SR latest FX 2015 12.5?
zero price fx 12.5 sr latest
But you should know that the price of Zero SR latest FX 2015 12.5 Mas Sena convey is the price Off The Road. So you need to dissect your wallet a little longer to be able to bring home the electric motor is super cool. But the question why it can be so expensive? For the high price of Zero SR FX possible because tax 12.5 luxury vehicles worth 125% applicable in Indonesia. Electric motor with reliable performance are the latest innovations created by Zero Motorcycles. Although perceived price tag Zero FX 12.5 SR is too high of course we have to appreciate the step Zero Motorcycles are working on the electric motor technology to the maximum. To be or not to buy decision Mas Sena will leave it to all my friends who would know more about the budget and the needs of the motor abilities who want to have. That information regarding the price of Zero SR 2015 12.5 latest FX ending encounter with Mas Sena on this occasion. See also Yamaha Mio 125 Blue Core and Suzuki Addres 110 .

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