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Three Tires Modern South Korea

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Three Tires Modern South Korea

South Korean modern car tires - South Korea is now also undergoing rapid development in terms of technological innovation. This fact is reinforced by the emergence of a tire manufacturer Hankook Tire is being rolled out program design concept annual dual tires. This event aims to find new innovators that shows the results of their research how to make the best tires. The event, titled "Hankook Tire's Design Innovation 2014" This is an event that is held in cooperation with the tire company academics from the University of Design, Engineering and Business in Pforzheim, Germany. We'll see what new innovations yuk as shown in Hankook Tire's Design Innovation 2014!

south korea modern tires hankook tire
Events are held on a regular basis is indeed intended to generate the spirit of the latest design innovation that is growing from time to time. Hankook Tire through this program is always encouraging the spirit of innovation to work in cooperation with the latest college, especially in the field of transportation.

The event was held at the end of this year raised a special theme is "A Great Challenge for a Great Change". The output of this program as it bro see has produced three interesting concept tire that has been made independently by the participants which type Boostrac, Alpike, and Hyblade. We consider one by one yes.

First Boostrac is an innovative tire specially created to adapt to a future that is able to adapt itself to the changing climate. This tire promised will not have problems when passing through the desert, snow, or heavy rain. Boostrac has tread with hexagonal shaped blocks that can turn into wider so as to generate maximum traction performance.

While Alpike is the type of tire that has conceptualized the tire circumference mode can be enlarged so that the distance between the body and the road surface even further. Its main function is of course to face the snowy roads that often hamper the car.

Last khusu HyBlade designed to deal with the heavy rains that normally inhibit the pace car. In this tire is equipped with a tread with water and the water channel fingers make maximum tire performance will remain despite the heavy rain. Not cool at all innovative tires Hankook Tire's this ?. Read also Crossover Power of GM and Car Mini Sport Honda .

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