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Sarolea Raft Racing Electric powered 180HP

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Sarolea Raft Racing Electric powered 180HP

Sarolea Presents Racing Power Experience in Classical - A unit of motorcycle racing typically uses a conventional engine to generate power which is great. However, a company called Sarolea recently developed a prototype racing motorcycle that uses electricity.

Sarolea, a manufacturer of motorcycles from Belgium, presenting an electric-powered racing motorcycle named SP7 Carbon Electric Superbike. Species electric racing motorcycle has been introduced to the public at the event in the Autoworld Show which took place in Brussels, Belgium.

As reported by autoevolution on Wednesday (04/08/2015), the motor racing SP7 Carbon Electric Superbike racing is a unit of electric-powered motors that combine today's technology with the appearance of the classic era of motor racing 70s. Sarolea itself build this new electric motor based on the motor racing DNA from them before, namely SP7 Superbike.

From outward appearances, SP7 Carbon Electric Superbike has a distinctive exterior design of motor racing in the 1970s. Aroma retro very viscous can be seen from the front cover use round shaped, flat-shaped seat, and also the stern-style café racer.

Carbon SP7 Electric Superbike chassis itself is built using carbon fiber is lightweight but strong. Sections using carbon fiber, among other parts of the body and swing arm or swing arm.

In the sector of kitchen spur, SP7 Carbon Electric Superbike equipped with an electric motor that can generate power equivalent to 180 horsepower. Maximum rate that can be generated latest SP7 reached 250 kilometers per hour. In the sector of braking, Sarolea pinned two discs weighing 200 kilograms were placed on the legs in order to put a halt to this SP7 Carbon Electric Superbike.

Motorcycle Sarolea SP7 Carbon Electric Superbike itself will diterjukan Sarolea the TT Zero event to be held in Douglas, Isle of Man on June 10, 2015. Although the unit has completed the construction of a new electric motors, but Sarolea has not released the name of the rider who will be riding the electric iron. See also Racing MotoGP Full Specifications Dijua l and Yamaha YZF-R1M Ready to debut in WSBK Aragon.

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