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Specifications and Price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core

Specifications and Price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Specifications and Price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

Specifications and Price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core

Specifications and Price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core - Since the presence of the latest technology created by Yamaha which BlueCore, making Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) continue to improve to renew the line up motors their mainstay in the automotive market homeland in order to have the technology Blue Core increasingly ensure performance and keiritan fuel. Now included in the automatic scooter segment on board the Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core into the motor to the third became the latest tandem technology Yamaha Blue Corenya after the latest automatic scooter Yamaha and Yamaha Mio 125 M3 Nmax was first released. Yamaha Blue Soul GT 125 Core which actually has a special segment for the people here who have the latest technology has been launched on March 3, 2015 yesterday.

yamaha soul gt 125 blue core

Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core has a more masculine and manly so it is suitable to be ridden by people here who want practicality. Technology Blue Core latest scooter pinned on top of this it will make the performance more leverage and more efficient fuel consumption. Some useful features was implanted in Yamaha Blue Soul GT 125 Core. Expected following injection of Blue Core latest technology in this new scooter can continue the success of Mio Soul and Soul GT entry in the top row of the automatic seed in the automotive market homeland. Well as whether the changes brought by Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core? Let us refer to with review Mas Sena on the following segments.

Specifications Yamaha GT 125 Blue Soul Core
Design a More Assertive, Gahar and Masculine

Changes in the design of the specification Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 is indeed seen significant because it has a more resolute impression, gahar and masculine arising from the design bodidengan sharp indentations. Starting from the front side Yamaha Soul GT 125 Core Blue Yamaha seems now provide a similar concept to the motorcycle class above them the Yamaha Jupiter MX 150 King as well as their premium gambot scooter that Yamaha NMax which can be found on the lighted LED lights seinnya.

For the main light of the specification Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core has a design of this projector looks more slanted and integrated with the body and the fairing looks tapered proportional, thus giving the impression of an aggressive and gahar. As for the top Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core seems to have a small steering typical automatic motor so that it will provide a comfortable ergonomic padded seat for the support and the broad footrest. The side is quite simple because it only has 2 screens with an elegant design. Then to the rear of the specification Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 looks more daring, modern dansporty because taillight merges with the turn signal in a place that has a tapered shape and has a size proportional.

Speedometers Pentagon Futuristic design and Sporty.

Then for specification Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core in part spedometernya pentagon same design as the previous generation and the same with Yamaha Mio M3 Blue Core thus giving the impression of a futuristic and sporty. It appears that the design of speedometers Yamaha Blue Soul GT 125 has a Core 2 cluster concept that blends pentagon. At first there is a pentagon design speedometer panel with indication of speed, trip meter indicator, the indicator headlights, turn signal indicator, the indicator or injection machines and eco indicator lamp. While in the second pentagon cluster devoted to indicators of fuel available. Obviously with the speedometer display specification Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core very futuristic, sporty, and easy to read information that makes this scooter more comfortable to drive at any time.
yamaha soul specification gt 125 blue core
Large dimension which Masculine

It looks like the sector dimension of specification Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 has no significant change in size so that still look great and masculine. For details scooter dimensions, measuring 1860 x 685 x 1070 mm with a wheelbase of 1260 mm and a weight of only 96 kg it will make Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 is determined to be ridden on the streets of urban areas. Has a seat height of 135 mm presumably this scooter is more suitable to be ridden adults are quite high. With a fuel tank capacity that can hold 4.2 liters then makes this scooter can travel a considerable distance on a single charge of gasoline in full. Type the framework of the specification Yamaha Blue Soul GT 125 Core which already apply Underbone frame will provide a stable ride, comfortable to drive for a long time and be able to maneuver well.

Pas legs and Steady

On the legs of the specification Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 also has no meaningful change so keep him fit and determined to be ridden at any time. Details size of the tires is 80/80 on the front axle and 100/70 on the rear wheels use the same 14-inch alloy wheels will certainly provide a stable vehicle speed and steady driving on city streets or across the city. Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 has a suspension system Telescopic on the front and on the back Swing Unit will be able to absorb shocks well and will provide a reliable agility to maneuver at any time. As for the braking system, the specifications Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 uses the type Single Disc Brake brakes on the front wheels and the type of Drum Brake on the rear wheel of course it is considered very good for reducing or stopping it when the desired motor speed at any time.
gt soul specification 125 blue core
engine More Maxi Thanks BlueCore

Turning on the kitchen runway of specifications YamahaSoul GT 125 Blue Core is indeed more leverage in terms of performance and fuel consumption is due to have to apply the latest technology Core Blue Yamaha. Has an engine capacity of 125 cc which consists of a cylinder with technology SOHC and has a compression combustion of 9.5: 1, Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core capable of spewing power reaches a maximum of 7.0 kW at rpm 8000 rpm with maximum torque reached 9.6 Nm at round 5500 RPM. Power will be channeled to the rear wheels as driving Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core through V Belt Automatic transmission which can make full power acceleration and comfortable. Of course, with the power to make Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core is noticeably very fit for driving on urban roads which have the character of 'Stop and Go'. Namely fuel supply system Fuel Injection (FI) combined with the latest Core Blue technology can produce maximum performance and combustion of fuel-efficient so that it will be more economical.

Yamaha scooter Latest Features

Obviously with the latest technology features the Blue Core course can maximize engine performance and provide fuel consumption more efficient would make driving with Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core is increasingly felt comfortable and maximum. On the speedometer of the specification Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 is equipped with the best features that EcoLamp indicator will provide precise information regarding driving an environmentally friendly manner that will provide fuel consumption is much more efficient and irit.Informasinya feature EcoLamp This indicator will function automatically when the scooter drove at a speed of 40 to 60 km / h. Then specification Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 also features a fairly spacious luggage storage that can accommodate up to 14 liters capacity or equivalent dengandapat store a helmet halfface.

For features its own standards, specifications Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 is equipped with the latest safety systems such as Smart Lock System which will provide a braking system that is practical and safe when used on the streets uphill or downhill. Then Integrated Key Features Shutter also pinned on Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core that will provide key security and ease of opening the trunk or scooter's seat. It also pinned Stand Smart Switch feature that will provide driving safety system which is assured because if a standard side in a state of supporting the machine can not be turned on. By having a thick foamed seat to make the holder more soft and comfortable when driving at any time. Board Rest or a broad foothold in the bottom Yamaha Blue Soul GT 125 Core will provide maximum comfort for the driver while driving.

Specifications Yamaha GT 125 Blue Soul Core 

LXWXH: 1870 mm X 685 mm X 1070 mm
Wheelbase: 1260 mm
Lowest distance to the ground: 135 mm
Seat height: 760 mm
Weight content: 96 kg
Fuel tank capacity: 402 liter
Engine capacity: 125 cc
Type of engine: Air cooled 4-stroke, SOHC
Amount / Position cylinder: Single cylinder
Dimater X Step: 52.4 8 57.9 mm
Compression ratio: 9.5: 1
Maximum power: 7.0 kW / 8000 rpm
Maximum torque: 9.6 Nm / 5500 rpm
Starter system: Electric and kick starter
Lubrication system: Wet
Engine oil capacity: Total = 0.84 L; Periodically = 0.80; Replace oil filter = 0.80 L
Fuel system: Blue Core
Clutch type: Dry, Centrifugal automatic
Transmission Type: V-belt automatic
Type of housing: Underbone
Front suspension: Telescopic
Rear suspension: Unit swing
Front tire: 80/80 - 14M / C 43p
Rear tires: 100/70 - 14M / C 51P
Front brake: Single disc brake
Rear brakes: Drum brake
Ignition system: TCI
Battery: YTZ4V / GTZ4V
Plugs Type: NGK / CR6HSA

Price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core
After last to review the specifications of this Yamaha motorcycle completely from various sides, then it is time for us to know the price of Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core is priced. But before whispering price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core Mas Sena's good to give a little automatic motor Yamaha conclusions about this. According to Mas Sena obvious changes applied to the Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core is more classy, ​​modern, masculine and sporty body design, especially on the part of the front to the rear. By having the latest BlueCore technology will increasingly provide a maximum power consumption of fuel and provide a more efficient and economical. Then what is the price of Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core is priced in Indonesia?
yamaha price gt 125 blue core soul

In accordance with the segmentation Matic Muscle Premium which includes upscale course the price of Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core marketed will be quite high. But as expensive-expensive small premium scooter is still affordable and certainly cheaper than premium gambot Yamaha scooter thereon. Sure enough appropriate information Mas Sena get Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 is priced quite high but still affordable. YIMM party said at the launch of Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core on Jimbaran beach Resto Ancol Jakartakemarin, this scooter is priced at Rp. 15.1 million, -. How do you think the price of Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core is whether according to the features that are embedded?
yamaha price gt 125 blue core soul most

But that needs attention is that the price is Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core is a price On The Road Jakarta and surrounding areas. According to Mas Sena price Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 is very comparable to what is offered by the 125-engined GT Soul Blue Core. Especially with embedded technology Blue Core as well as several other features that make this scooter is more convenient to use at any time. How does bro and sis, intend to buy a GT 125 Blue Core YamahaSoul this? Similarly, the price review Yamaha Blue Core Soul GT 125 at this time last segment then close encounter Mas Sena on the occasion of the reviews this time. See also Yamaha Mio M3 Blue Core and Honda Vario 125 ESP.

Articles Specifications and Price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core has finished we discussed

A few knowledge Specifications and Price Yamaha Soul GT 125 Blue Core to inform from a variety of sources, hopefully this post helpful to you in finding the latest automotive news because technology is always changing towards better and more sophisticated.

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