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Information Zenvo ST1, Read Here

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Information Zenvo ST1, Read Here

The Zenvo ST1 is manufactured by Zenvo Automotive, which is built in a Danish design. The design of the 2009 Zenvo ST1 is a hand built supercar, which will be manufactured to a limited edition, where 15 cars would be available to selected customersThe plans behind this car are to build a high

performance car, challenging the present day supercars. The car consists of an extreme power which is due to turbo and supercharger that is suitable for daily use. With 1104 horsepower, the Zenvo ST1 can accelerates from 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 233 mph.


Vehicle Type: -Production car, with two doors
Configuration: - Mid Engine/ RWD 6
Engine: - Supercharged and Turbocharged V8
Displacement: - 7000 cc
Torque: - 1055 lb-ft @ 4500 rpm
Horsepower: - 1104 bhp @ 6900 rpm
Weight: - 3025 lbs
Width: - 80.4 in
Length: - 183.7 in
Height: - 47.2 in
Wheelbase: - 120.3 in
Transmission: - 6-speed Manual
0-60 mph: - 3.0 sec
Top speed: - 233 mph

Video of the 2009 Zen

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