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New Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, Read More

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New Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14, Read More

Price : $13,599.00
Bodystyle : Super Sports
Warranty : 12 months
Manufacturer Country : Japan
Model Year : 2011
Displacement (cc) : 1352
Engine Type : Horizontal In-line

2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Do you want to go insanely fast? Are you a motorcycle aimed at the far disappeared through a circle of gray blur-induced speed makes you feel really alive? Rotate the throttle from 2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 will give you the experience you crave. Plastic wind tunnel designed and high revving, high-displacement inline four pumping an undisclosed amount of horsepower allows dared to conquer the open space in a short time. There is little one can say about the differences between the two Screamers hyperbike Japan because it is almost impossible for a man just to test this class of motors at the end of extreme performance. Given a rider with skill and will power to hit the limiter in sixth gear, there are different problems in finding a suitable location for the test. A day songs will tell a lot about the low and medium torque and horsepower, but long before you approach the end of your run out of the strait and all your concentration into giant wrestling through the corners designed to challenge 600. Logical place is standing mile time trial at the dry lakebed, but that does not lend itself to an informal test, not to mention worry good people at Kawasaki may suffer on a bike loaner entered the official competition. In the West, we have a very large desert with a few, beautiful long strait road where people could join the 200 MPH club if so inclined. Of course, that comes with the risk of having your bike spending time in a lot of confiscated, or spread out the worst in the landscape in a very small piece after trying to bunny-hop is a desert tortoise endangered. In the end, it was all in vain because the manufacturers have agreed to limit the speed to 300 kilometers per hour (aka 186 mph). Despite the difficulties noted above, if you are looking for caliber machine from the Ninja ZX-14, there are characteristics that distinguish it from other motorcycle in its class. Styling concerns when it comes to motorcycle we choose and the ZX-14 has it. Every corner is made to complete the main task of the machine; slip through the sea of clean air as possible. Contour path down from the passenger seat cowl, cut through the driver compartment, during the four slashes along the tank, to peak at one point on the ground before the front tires. Under the fairing channel cooling air through lightweight Denso radiator and around the engine compartment while under the wing deflector arm swing smooth air flow around the rear wheel. Front and rear fuse indicator change to the bodywork, the only thing that disturb the air flow over the fairing is a ram air intake duct between big evil grin lights.

Cold, high pressure air line through the center channel into a DOHC four-cylinder 1352cc engine, 44mm Mikuni throttle body passed with 32-bit ECU-controlled throttle valve duel. Fine-atomizing injectors spray fuel droplets 75?m at an angle of 20 degrees to cover a wider area of the combustion chamber to provide controlled and even burn. Each of the four spark plug has its own ignition coil which allows the ECU to optimize the tuning of each cylinder independently. Perfect balance of primary and gear-driven dual balancers reduce vibration to an absolute minimum while special piston profile and isolation within the magnesium chain cover reduce mechanical noise. The sound produced by the ZX-14 has a turbine interesting atmosphere and encourage motorists to turn the throttle further. A six-speed transmission over the Ninja ZX-14, because it can easily be enough to only have five teeth, perhaps even four, for most motorists who throw a leg over this God Speed. Transmission starts very tight, but after a few hundred miles of a dog wearing and slick shifting becomes the norm. Hydraulic clutch using radial-pump master cylinder – the same as the front brakes – which provide a clean appearance. However, the throw was too close to the handle prevents the two-finger grip. Slipper clutch works well; clicking down a few gears and clutch dumping provide satisfactory ratcheting down in speed without locking the rear wheels. Handling, while not fast, is confidence inspiring. At the speed capable by the ZX-14, you want the handling very predictable so that the wheel quickly replaced by a straight line stability and precise tracking angle. Engine placement in the frame of hollow aluminum box plays an important role in the handling of Ninja’s. Home back to balance carefully designed to bike to provide the desired handling characteristics for engines with clamed curb weight of 567 pounds. The interface comes in the form of street tires Bridgestone Battlax, either wrapped around the wheel of cast interesting with an offset center rib so that the wheel load can be located right along the centerline. Kawasaki front twin 310mm petal discs with radial-mounted, four piston calipers and 250mm petal disc rear with twin-piston calipers, providing impressive braking power. Each piston in the caliper having brake pad itself, which increases cooling efficiency and reduce the chance of deformation due to heat. Naked by the ABS braking, which saves weight but has a high-speed motorcycles like to use all the help available today to slow down. The frame is a combination of aluminum and aluminum cast box to provide strength and rigidity, but still light and wrap around the machine, which is a stressed member to increase the stiffness torque and further save weight. Silencer on 43mm inverted cartridge fork stiff at the beginning disposed to refuse to dive during braking and relationships Uni-Track rear suspension is fully adjustable, linear in the action, and help lower the center of gravity by lowering the position of linkage. Despite high output, smooth power application in all-rev range to make ZX-14 is very predictable. Below 3000 rpm, the ZX-14 is quite docile and very easy to get around the city. Digital Timing Advance in connection with the design of exhaust and high displacement gives extraordinary powers Ninja low and mid-range with the throttle response is very friendly. Between 3000 and 5000 rpm, you have the machine incredible highway with ergonomic comfort for the long journey from civilization. This bike is always low to high speed aerodynamics, but it helps in this situation since the mid-velocity air hitting your chest helps to rest your arm from the position of the front bar. After the speedo hits triple digits, the full effect of the wind tunnel designed body comes into play. Slipped into the envelope is cut by the fairing feels natural and pure sensation of speed after your mind, cast out all worldly thoughts. 2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14 combines attractive styling with a perplexing performance in a package that’s fun even if you have never ridden with full capabilities. You do not have super-human to ride one, but if you do, let me know what it is like at redline in sixth.
Technical Features, The New 2011 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14

Powerunit Engine

No company knows more about in-line fours than Kawasaki. From the early Z-1 to our factory MotoGP bikes, our knowledge about the in-line four-cylinder engine is unsurpassed. The virtues of this design are many: powerful, smooth running and very compact, if it's a Kawasaki superbike, it has to be an in-line four.
Each component of this amazing engine was thoroughly developed to deliver the perfect balance of power, torque, and ridability. Twisting the throttle on the ZX-14 gives the kind of response you would expect from a large bore machine; a seamless spread of awesome torque, right 'round the dial.
Big, 1352cc displacement features a bore and stroke of 84 x 61 mm.
Revised intake porting provides optimum flow characteristics.
Revised piston profiles contribute to reduced mechanical noise.
New cylinder head and cylinder head cover have larger secondary air ports (increased approximately 20%), making it easier to get more air into the exhaust system for cleaner emissions. The electric Air Switching Valve (ASV) can also handle more air volume.
Windage ports between cylinders reduce pumping losses for increased power output.
The monocoque frame is sealed to form the ram-air airbox contributing to the compact layout.
New urethane sheet added to the inside of the magnesium chain cover also helps reduce mechanical noise.
Already in perfect primary balance, the ZX-14 engine uses a secondary balancer to tame unwanted vibrations, resulting in an extremely smooth engine.
Three-phase generator is crankshaft mounted for reduced drive losses.
The crankshaft, input shaft, and output shaft are arranged in a tri-axis to create a very compact engine length.
Digital fuel injection features ECU controlled sub-throttles to smooth throttle response for "carb like" action. The result is much better rider control and ease of operation.
Intake breathes through four massive, 44mm throttle bores for high air flow at top engine loads.
New, fine-atomising injectors with droplet size of 75? increase lateral spray angle from 15o to 20o, dispersing atomised fuel over a wider area resulting in improved power, smoother operation and excellent fuel mileage.
Automatic Idle Speed Control system contributes to easy starting.
Twin mufflers (each with honeycomb catalyzer) provide ample volume for creating the engines massive power and meeting exhaust emission standards.
New internal muffler construction. Capacity ratio of the first and third chambers was adjusted, as were the lengths of the pipes projecting from the baffle plates
In addition to the already existing honeycomb catalysers in each muffler, a new third honeycomb catalyser was added in the collector.
Entrances to the connecting pipes (joining header pipes 1-4 & 2-3) were enlarged approximately 75% to compensate for the new collector shape (addition of the third honeycomb catalyser). This change in particular resulted in enhanced torque characteristics, especially in the low rpm range.
Slick shifting six-speed transmission feeds power to the rear wheel.
Direct-actuation shift lever is lighter than conventional linkage-type arrangements and offers a more direct feel.
Hydraulically operated clutch features a radial-mount clutch master cylinder for worry-free, silky smooth clutch operation.
Chassis System
The Ninja ZX-14 runs Kawasaki's exclusive aluminum monocoque frame. Rock steady at speed, and offering responsive handling characteristics, this advanced chassis design strikes an ideal balance between sport riding, and high-speed running on the highway.
Our engineers made full use of the design freedom given to them by the engine's compact size. The engine's position forward in the frame, the wheelbase and front/rear wheel weight balance were all carefully chosen to achieve both high-speed stability and responsive handling.
Aluminum monocoque frame represents a further evolution of the frame first used on Kawasaki's KR500 racer then in production on the Ninja ZX-12R. This advanced design makes possible a very slim, compact package.
Fuel mass is located at the rear of the "tank" and extends below the seat, further contributing to the centralized mass.
Already inherently more rigid than twin-spar frames, with the engine rigid-mounted the torsional rigidity is further increased. Using the engine as a stressed member allows the frame to be made lighter.
New die-casting process for the main frame sections results in a lighter frame.
Massive head pipe casting also contributes to the high rigidity.
Bolt-on, aluminum rear sub-frame includes tall side plates contributing to the unique styling and creating a very narrower mid-section.
Monocoque frame design creates a void inside the frame that is used to house various electrics including the M-F battery.
The hollow section of the frame behind the steering head serves duty as the airbox for the ram-air system.
The combination of the monocoque frame with rigid-mounted engine and a mass located at the centerline gives the ZX-14 extreme stability at high speeds.
Chassis is narrow through the middle for superior rider control.
Engine and chassis components were all designed to maximize mass centralization.
Inverted, 43 mm cartridge fork uses a large diameter, hollow axle for light weight and precise steering feedback.
Fork includes adjustments for compression damping, rebound damping, and ride height.
Uni-trak linkage rear suspension complements the highly rigid frame, offering both great controllability at high speeds and superb road holding ability when sport riding in the hills.
Gas charged piggy back reservoir shock includes adjustments for compression damping, rebound damping, and spring preload.
Formidable front brake performance is further enhanced with a radial-pump master cylinder that offers superb feel at the lever.
Semi-floating, drilled, petal style, 310 mm front brake rotors are gripped by Nissin, radial mount, 4-piston, 4-pad calipers.
Rear brake features 250 mm, drilled, petal style rotor and 2-piston caliper for additional stopping power and improved braking feel.
Wheels feature center ribs that are slightly offset so that tire balance weights can be located at the wheel centerline.
Formidable front brake performance is further enhanced with a radial-pump master cylinder that offers superb feel at the lever.
Use of four individual brake pads promotes even heat distribution across each pad virtually eliminating fade due to pad warpage at high temperatures.
Rearbrake features 250mm, drilled, petal style rotor and 2-piston callipers for additional stopping power and improved braking feel.
Newly designed wheels feature centre ribs that are slightly offset so that tire balance weights can be located at the wheel centreline.
Aerodynamics & Styling

The ZX-14 exudes an aura of power and assurance found only in the world's most powerful machines. As befits its flagship status, the ZX-14 offers a combination of avant garde design, meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether parked in front of a café or zooming effortlessly down the highway, this is a machine people will notice.

The ZX-14's bodywork gives it extremely long and low styling. The front cowl extends well over the front wheel and the fairing almost hides the front wheel. All the lines of the bike move from front to rear, giving the bike an impression of speed even when it standing still.

Because the monocoque frame goes over the engine and does not protrude through the fairing, a smooth, uninterrupted fairing design is possible.

The ZX-14's multifunctional aerodynamics package reduces drag, adds stability at highway speeds and keeps you out of the wind when sport riding in the hills.

Raised "Kawasaki" and model emblems contribute to the classy styling.

Long front fender with aerodynamic side wings contributes to the ultra high speed potential of the ZX-14.

Fuel tank features a flush-surface tank cap.

A small under-cowl forward of the rear wheel contributes to the bike's flowing lines. This under-cowl is removed when fitting the optional center stand.

LED tail lamp features a unique "V" design. This will be the most common view of the ZX-14 on the move.

Front and rear turn signals are integrated into the fairing and rear cowl. Clear signal lenses with orange bulbs contribute to the high quality appearance.

Standard equipment solo seat cover complements the aerodynamic styling. Removing the cover reveals the seat beneath.

Quadruple projector beam headlights adorn the ZX-14's front cowl. The outer lights contain position lamps and the high beams. Low beams are in the two center lamps.

All four beams on (when HI beam selected) creates enough light to turn night into day.

Central Ram Air duct like that of other Ninja models gives the ZX-14 a consistent Kawasaki face.


Nestled in the canopy is an instrument cluster with LCD information centre and dual electric analog gauges for speedometer and tachometer.

White meter faces with black lettering makes the meters easy to read in daylight.
Meter faces look black with white lettering and the meter needles glow red at night.

Multi-function LCD digital display includes:

coolant temperature gauge
gear position indicator
fuel level gauge
average fuel mileage
instant fuel mileage
fuel range
battery voltage
shift indicator light (rpm programmable)
engage rpm indicator light (rpm programmable)
dual, A/B trip meters
digital clock

Multi-function LCD digital display language can be set for English or French.
Display can also be set for litres, US gallon, or Imperial gallon.

Shift and engage indicator lights can be set individually for bright, dim, blinking, or off.

Use of CAN interface between the meter and the ECU reduces the number of cables and allows a greater volume of information (e.g. fuel consumption) to be exchanged.

CAN (Controller Area Network) is the latest generation On Board Diagnostics interface system.

Anti-theft circuit built into the ignition switch and ECU prevents hotwiring by joy riders.

Quadruple projector beam headlights adorn the ZX-14's front cowl. The outer lights contain position lamps and the high beams. Low beams are in the two center lamps.

All four beams on (when HI beam selected) creates enough light to turn night into day.

Front and rear turn signals are integrated into the fairing and rear cowl. Clear signal lenses with orange bulbs contribute to the high quality appearance.

Central Ram Air duct like that of other Ninja models gives the ZX-14 a consistent Kawasaki face.


In spite of the ZX-14's awesome performance, the machine is surprisingly non-intimidating. This is due as much to the seamless power delivery, as it is to the smooth ride and its rider-friendly ergonomics. On the ZX-14, the typical weekend jaunt leaves the rider refreshed and invigorated.
Despite its long and low appearance, the ZX-14 offers a very relaxed sport riding position.
Compact without being cramped, the bars are positioned so that riders do not have to stretch to reach them.
Low-set footpegs give ample legroom.
The low seat height and narrow seat front make it easy to reach the ground when stopped at lights.
The narrow engine, monocoque frame, and waisted fuel tank make it easy to keep knees comfortably close together when riding.
A depression in the fuel tank cover facilitates tucking in behind the screen.


Bore (in) 3.3
Bore (mm) 84
Carburetion Brand Mikuni
Compression Ratio : 12.01
Cooling : Liquid
Cylinders : 4
Displacement (cc) : 1352
Displacement (ci) : 82.5
Engine Configuration : Horizontal In-line
Engine Immobilizer : Not Available
Engine Type : 4-Stroke
Fuel Injector : Yes
Fuel Injector Size (mm) : 44
Fuel System Type : Fuel Injected
Ram Air Induction : Yes
Starter : Electric
Stroke (in) : 2.4
Stroke (mm) : 61
Valve Configuration : DOHC
Valves : 16
Valves Per Cylinder : 4


Torque (Ft Lbs) : 113.5
Torque (Nm) : 154
Torque RPM : 7500


Heel Toe Shifter : Not Available
Number Of Speeds : 6
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) : Chain
Reverse : No
Transmission Type : Manual

Suspension & Steering

Air Adjustable : No
Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load : Yes
Front Adjustable Rebound Damping : Yes
Front Central Suspension Strut : No
Front Fork Diameter (in) : 1.7
Front Fork Diameter (mm) : 43
Front Suspension Type : Inverted Fork
Front Travel (in) : 4.6
Front Travel (mm) : 116.8
Number Rear Shock Absorbers : 1
Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping : Yes
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load : Yes
Rear Suspension Brand Name : UNI-TRAK
Rear Suspension Type : Twin Sided Swing Arm
Rear Swingarm Material : Aluminum
Rear Travel (in) : 4.8
Rear Travel (mm) : 121.9
Steering Damper : No


Front Wheel Diameter : 17
Rear Wheel Diameter : 17
Tube / Tubeless : Tubeless
Wheels Composition : Aluminum


Front Tyre (Full Spec) : 120/70 ZR17
Front Tyre Aspect Ratio : 70
Front Tyre Speed Rating : Z
Front Tyre Width : 120
Rear Tyre (Full Spec) : 190/50 ZR17
Rear Tyre Aspect Ratio : 50
Rear Tyre Speed Rating : Z
Rear Tyre Width : 190


Anti-Lock Brakes : Not Available
Front Brake Diameter (in) : 12.2
Front Brake Diameter (mm) : 310
Front Brake Type : Dual Hydraulic Disc
Front Caliper Pistons : 4
Linked Brake System Front to Rear : Not Available
Rear Brake Diameter (in) : 9.8
Rear Brake Diameter (mm) : 250
Rear Brake Type : Hydraulic Disc
Rear Caliper Pistons : 2


Adjustable : No
Detachable Passenger Seat : Not Available
Grab Rail or Strap : Standard
Heated Seat : Not Available
Number Of Seats : 2
Seat Backrest : Not Available
Seat Height (in) : 31.5
Seat Height (mm) : 800.1
Seat Location : Driver and Passenger
Seat Material : Vinyl
Seat Rail : Not Available
Seat Specifications : Standard
Seat Tail Cover : Standard
Seat Type : One-Piece


Adjustable : No
Belt Guard : No
Body Material : Plastic
Brush Guard : No
Chain Guard : Yes
Construction : Standard
Drive Shaft Cover : No
Drive Shaft Guard : No
Exterior Covers : Standard
Exterior Guards : Standard
Floor Boards : Not Available
Foot Peg Location : Driver and Passenger
Foot Peg Material : Aluminum
Fork Guards : No
Frame : Aluminum
Front Fender : Standard
Front Fender Material : Plastic
Front Fender Rail : Not Available
Front Fender Trim : Not Available
Hand Grip Material : Rubber
Hand Grips : Standard
Hand Guards : No
Heel Guards : No
License Plate : Standard
Light Guard : No
Lower Fairing : Standard
Rear Fender : Not Available
Rear Fender Material : Plastic
Rear Fender Rail : Not Available
Rear Fender Trim : Not Available
Rearview Mirrors Folding : Yes
Saddle Bag Guard : No
Sidecar : Not Available
Skid Plate : Not Available
Spoiler : Standard
Stand : Standard
Stand Type : Kick
Tank Cover : No
Turn Signal Visor : Not Available
Upper Fairing : Standard

Fuel Capacity

Fuel Capacity (gal) : 5.80Fuel Capacity (l) : 21.95


Candy Lime Green / Ebony


Adjustable Throttle : Not Available
Capacities : Standard
Cassette Player : Not Available
CB Radio : Not Available
CD Player : Not Available
Comment : Standard
Cruise Control : Not Available
Cupholder : Not Available
Dimensions : Standard
First Aid Kit : Not Available
Ground Clearance (in) : 4.9
Ground Clearance (mm) : 124.5
Handlebar Lock : Standard
Handlebar Pads : Not Available
Headset : Not Available
Heated Hand Grips : Not Available
Height (in) : 46.1
Height (mm) : 1170.9
Intercom : Not Available
Introduction Year : 2006
Keyless Ignition : Not Available
Length (in) : 85.4
Length (mm) : 2169.2
Major Revision Year : 2008
Manufacturer Country : Japan
Manufacturer Type : Super Sports
Map Holder : Not Available
MIC Model Segment : ON-HWY Sport Bike Over 750cc
Power Outlet : Not Available
Previous Model Year Accessories : Yes
Radio : Not Available
Rake (degrees) : 23
Revision Status : Carryover
Service Reminder : Not Available
Speakers : Not Available
Trail (in) : 3.7
Trail (mm) : 94
Weight : Standard
Wet Weight (kg) : 220
Wet Weight (lbs) : 485
Wheelbase (in) : 57.5
Wheelbase (mm) : 1384.3
Width (in) : 29.9
Width (mm) : 759.5

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