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This Article Specifications and Price Yamaha Scorpio Z Gallery, Read Here

This Article Specifications and Price Yamaha Scorpio Z Gallery, Read Here - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about This Article Specifications and Price Yamaha Scorpio Z Gallery, Read Here, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

This Article Specifications and Price Yamaha Scorpio Z Gallery, Read Here

Specifications and Price Yamaha Scorpio Z - One motorcycle manufacturer Sakura country that has a strong and high quality products in the sports class continue to improve in order to get attention and attract consumers better. Motorcycle manufacturer is Yamaha. Through Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), they launched a motor sport that goes into segmentation naked bike (motor sport bars) their last generation that Yamaha Scorpio Z in 2013 ago. Keep in mind that the Yamaha Scorpio is in good fortune as the RX-King version 4 stroke has crossed three generations since it was first launched in 2002 ago. For more details refer to the review of the specification and price Yamaha Scorpio Z following ya bro and sis.

Generation Yamaha motor sport bars the latter has significant change than previous generations. Created to fight the class motor sport bars such as Honda and Suzuki Thunder Tiger. Yamaha Scorpio Z has a more sporty appearance and resilient than the competitors because the two products with a capacity of 225 cc engine berkubikasi practical easily leave his opponents. But unfortunately Yamaha designed specifically for Touring or long distance journey that offers more comfort it almost went past the stop of production (discontinue). Yamaha Scorpio Z so that it will not continue and will be replaced by new products cubication greater naked bike that is 250cc. So what are the advantages of the legendary Yamaha Scorpio Z's? Check out the full review Mas Sena gave the Yamaha Scorpio Z in the segments below.

Specifications Yamaha Scorpio Z

Appear More Dashing and Stump

Design is carried on the specification Yamaha Scorpio Z This makes the bars Yamaha motor sport is more stout and stocky than the previous generation. Simple striping owned by three variants of color will enhance the sporty Yamaha's. By having a large tank accompanied by a shroud (wing) side that flank the tank makes the feel of Yamaha Scorpio Z is becoming more manly and sporty. Cruise-type handlebar design with increasingly making Yamaha's convenient for long distance travel (Touring). Was also with the design of the lights on the specifications of Yamaha Scorpio Z which has a broad reflector makes the trip at night more comfortable and safe because it has a bright lighting. While the design of the rear lights that have a large stop lamp will give a clear signal to other motorists on the back of the motor is to remain vigilant.

Tough and Reliable dimension

As for the dimensions of the specification Yamaha Scorpio Z is relatively strong and reliable for long trips accompany bro and sis because it has a dimension of 2030 mm x 750 mm x 1,095 mm. Even with the weight of the contents, which only reached 142 kg, Yamaha Scorpio Z is relatively light and easy to control because of the weight of an average weight of 150 cc motorcycles cubication. As for the capacity of the gas tank can hold as much as 13 liters with a reserve tank that can accommodate a 2.5-liter makes Yamaha Scorpio Z can take a very long journey for a full charge.

Simple panel Informative

As for the dashboard which is located on the front wheel, the specification Yamaha Scorpio Z has several informative panel that is simple and quite complete. Panel RPM or tako meter is an obligation for a motor man handsome, Yamaha Scorpio Z has limits engine speed reaches 11,000 RPM. Besides other standard panel as fuel indicator, speed indicator, the indicator trip meter, gear indicator neutral, turn signal indicator lights and it is considered highly enough to produce information that is informative and easy to read by the rider while riding Yamaha Scorpio Z's.

Foot-Foot Tough and Reliable

By using the type of order Doble Yamaha Scorpio Z Cradle makes it produce maximum stability during use. Moreover, the specification Yamaha Scorpio Z uses the legs of the large-sized tires 80/100 on the front and 100/90 at the rear side by using alloy wheels measuring 18 inches Yamaha Scorpio Z makes it more stable and reliable when streaking the streets. Even with a telescopic type suspension at the front and swing arm suspension Monocross with making more agile handling and comfortable enough to maneuver in congested streets. Unfortunately for the braking system on the specification Yamaha Scorpio Z is despite using a disc discs at the front but on the front of the drum so that the system is still using Sena Mas sense to reduce or stop the motor speed is still not good.

Kitchen Runway Powerful

Yamaha Scorpio Z's specifications using 4 stroke SOHC single cylinder 2 Valve with a capacity of 223 which has a number of compression 9.5: 1 is claimed to be capable of spraying up to a maximum of 13.4 kW at 8000 rpm with a maximum torque of 13.4 Nm at 6500 RPM thats very pretty and tough for long journeys with different trajectories changing terrain. To distribute the power, Yamaha Scorpio Z has a manual transmission with a 5-speed multipleplatform made to accelerate and reach top speed is easy to do. Unfortunately the system supplier of fuel to the combustion chamber still use carburetors BS30 with CDI ignition system makes fuel consumption and exhaust emissions is less good. But by using the conventional technology makes Yamaha Scorpio Z is easy to modify the engine resulting in higher performance.

Typical features Touring

In accordance with its function, the Yamaha Scorpio Z provides several features that make it convenient and safe rider for purposes Touring or travel long distances. With the application of the type handlebar Cruiser, the more create a comfortable rider in traveling long distances because the rider will not feel easily tired and sore. Features large exhaust application will add to prowess and toughness Yamaha Scorpio Z's. With outer material that does not appear to exhaust excess heat will increasingly make comfortable boncenger or others around Yamaha Scorpio Z's. Even with toughness handling generated by the dimensions and comfortable steering makes Yamaha Scorpio Z was awarded The Best Handling in the category of motor sport bars 200-250 cc of Maestro Award in the year 2009.
Price Yamaha Scorpio Z

Do not feel ya bro and sis, we have arrived at price segment latest Yamaha Scorpio Z. That was a full review of this Yamaha motorcycle from side to its design. Very complete and interesting is not bro and sis? Prior to disclose the price of Yamaha Scorpio Z is preferably Mas Sena gives little conclusion on the last segment of Yamaha Scorpio Z's. According to Mas Sena Scorpio Z is tough and reliable motor mounts to be daily or even long-distance travel companion (Touring). Due to the large dimensions of the stable and comfortable handlebar make it easier for the rider to control this motor sport bars. Even with the application of manifold cruiser handlebar makes handling more comfortable without having to spend excessive force that is not easily tired and sore. Then what is the price of the latest Yamaha Scorpio Z in Indonesia?

Supposedly with conventional engine technologies and have greater cubication above grade 150 then the price of Yamaha Scorpio Z is priced no higher or remain affordable. Sure enough YIMM membanderol Yamaha Scorpio Z price is at an affordable price which is worth Rp. 25,000,000 for the standard version of the CW and Rp. 25.5 million for the Limited Edition version. The price Mas Sena sense already quite comparable due to the price tag of 11-12 with their bullion products sport the Yamaha V-Ixion Lightning. But Yamaha Scorpio Z has a larger cubication so that performance is more reliable. How does bro and sis are interested in having this Yamaha motor sport bars after knowing the price of the latest Yamaha Scorpio Z?

Yamaha Scorpio Z
Type Price
Yamaha Scorpio Z CW Rp 25,000,000
Yamaha Scorpio Z Limited Edition Rp 25,500,000

But back Mas Sena reminded the faithful readers if the price of Yamaha Scorpio Z Sena latest Mas made above is the price of On The Road Jakarta alone. For the comrades who are outside the area will get a selling price different from the official price due to a shift in the price. So for those comrades who are interested can immediately visit the official Yamaha dealer to ask the price of Yamaha Scorpio Z official once tested the performance of this motor racing. Yamaha Scorpio Z which has cubication This powerful machine can reach high speeds in a short time. The design of this bike was very cool so that when you take him in the streets will definitely attract the attention of people who see it. Bro would not spend such loss in order to buy this Yamaha motor sport. However Mas Sena will hand over all decisions to bro all to determine the best sports motorcycle that will bro take it back to your garage. Consider carefully beforehand by looking at all the factors that influence either positive or negative. Such a review of the price of Yamaha Scorpio Z is the latest in the last segment then close encounter Mas Sena on the occasion of the reviews this time. See you.

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