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This Info RB-1200 S Audi, Read More

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This Info RB-1200 S Audi, Read More

This luxury car manufacturer dub motor sport concept as RB-1200 S. Garvin Motors designer Harvey’s work is to adopt the details of Audi cars, as in the design of the lamp which adopted the model Audi R8. In front brake clad in red that resembles the color of the words “Audi” on the fairing. In addition, four-ring logo will also be attached to the associated brake motor sport concept.
RB-1200 S Audi
Like the Audi cars that always look luxury and elegant, this concept of motor sport will be wrapped with a luxurious feel. To create the impression of luxury in a big cc bike had this concept, the Audi coat it with quality leather upholstery. In addition, applying the dual exhaust Audi placed back seat until the lights. Nevertheless, the overall design of this bike as inspired by the famous Auto Union racing car D-Type in the era of the 1930s. Unfortunately, neither Audi nor the designer Garvin Harvey did not mention in detail about the specifications of this concept of motor sport. View Detail here RB-1200 S Audi Motor Sport

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