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Peek Urban SUV from Ford New !!

Peek Urban SUV from Ford New !! - it is the key word that you're looking in the automotive discussion this time, and we have it available to you on the blog Specifications Car and Motorcycle, well we have collected a lot of data from the field directly and from many other blogs so very complete his discussion here about Peek Urban SUV from Ford New !!, on this blog we also have to provide the latest automotive information from all the brands associated with the automobile. ok please continue reading:

Peek Urban SUV from Ford New !!

Urban SUV from Ford New - Today Ford is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world that have different types of cars for all people. Ford has played in the SUV segment automotive market homeland in previous years which were well received by consumers. Ford is now back again with the mission of 'One Ford' which will be presenting ability, better consumer desires in order to feel the vehicles are fun and also economical.

Peek Urban SUV from Ford New
The latest product from Ford this is the All-New EcoSport which if the condition is not improved urban streets is not an obstacle for this SUV because it has a high physical design and dashing. Can even hit a puddle of water at the height of 0.5 meter flood. This car will be increasingly felt comfortable to maneuver in crowded streets because it has a MacPherson Strut suspension system with Coil Spring on the front and Semi-Independent with Coil Spring on the back.

Display desiannya also becoming 'manly' and shapely as compact dimensions and angles car firm. By relying on the engine capacity of 1.5-liter Ti-VCT technology 6-speed manual transmission plus support for Power Shift will get maximum performance and also quite fuel-efficient. Eco Sport which has a 5-speed transmission variant is also a global car sold to various countries in the world. Because of the design and design engineers and designers involved more than 16 countries.

In addition, Ford's SUV also has a very useful feature in driving the day-to-day activities. As Dual Airbags can melindungki passenger in the front cabin, brake system ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) that will maximize the braking, the system ECS (Electronic Stability Control) which will help control the automatic transmission version control when driving on roads that are difficult, the HLA system (Hill Launch Assist) which will reduce the vehicle speed when the vehicle uphill or downhill and many other features. For the quality of the All-New Ford EcoSport is not in doubt. See also Performance SUV Fortuner and Honda Civic Facelift .

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A few knowledge Peek Urban SUV from Ford New !! to inform from a variety of sources, hopefully this post helpful to you in finding the latest automotive news because technology is always changing towards better and more sophisticated.

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