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New Ducati Monster 1100, Read More

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New Ducati Monster 1100, Read More

Price : $11,995.00
Bodystyle : Sports Naked Bike
Warranty : 24 months
Manufacturer Country : Italy
Model Year : 2010
Displacement (cc) : 1078
Engine Type : Longitudinal Twin

2010 Ducati Monster 1100

The ‘less-is-more’ philosophy that made the Monster a motorcycling icon is now further enhanced to redefine your naked expectations. Less weight plus more torque equals fun-filled riding. At just 169kg (373lb), the Monster 1100 is the lightest bike in its class. The exceptional handling, combined with 10.5kgm (75.9lb-ft) of torque from the Ducati Desmo engine, results in a pure, adrenalin-filled ride. Every single component has been created to satisfy a Ducati rider's needs and provide unrivalled agility and handling. That is why Ducati engineers, designers and testers have aimed for the best possible set-up and the Monster is able to ensure the best handling of all naked bikes. With a 40mm higher ride-height than the 696, the increased ground clearance of the Monster 1100 enables impressive lean angles, letting you explore the sports side of this new naked bike to the full. The extremely lightweight aluminium alloy Y-shaped, 5-spoke wheels reduce unsprung weight and improve agility. The 3.50x17 front wheel is fitted with a 120/70ZR tyre while the rear 5.50x17 wheel has a 180/55ZR. The result is lightweight, precise steering that is extremely responsive at all speeds while giving the vehicle exceptional stability. The steering lock has been improved to a considerable 64 degrees overall by using the extra distance allowed by cleverly shaped air ducts in the fuel tank covers which feed the new ten litre airbox. The sports feel of the bike is further accentuated by the new aluminium tapered handlebars. The 43mm fully adjustable Showa forks and Sachs rising-rate rear suspension unit, with adjustable spring pre-load and return damping, offer sufficient personalisation to suit all riding styles and provide that perfect 'feel'. Using the proven 'cantilever' system, the steeply angled rear unit compresses in a movement non-linear to the rear swingarm radius, thus achieving a progressive action. This enables easy access to the spring pre-load and rebound damping adjuster, while eliminating the weight of the rocker-arm mechanism. The Trellis frame, developed in conjunction with Ducati Corse and using the Desmosedici short frame concept, uses the same tube diameter and thickness as the 1198 R. The rear subframe is also derived from Desmosedici RR technology using cast aluminium to create a sturdy and yet lightweight structure for rider and passenger. The lightweight Trellis frame not only boasts unequalled rigidity, but its simple and essential lines perfectly link up the aluminium footpeg assemblies and single-sided swingarm in pure Ducati style.
The power and charisma of the new Monster 1100 can rely upon a best-in-category braking system that provides excellent, precise and controllable braking performance. The vigorous Brembo system is the direct result of Ducati Corse racing experience, featuring radial pumps with adjustable levers feeding four-piston radial callipers which grip twin 320mm discs. The rear brake uses a 2-piston calliper operating on a 245mm disc. The beautifully shaped single-sided swingarm gives the Monster a 'tough' look while ensuring higher rigidity, reduced weight and enhanced road holding. The swingarm is chill-cast using aluminium in its most noble form. Gravity cast and heat treated, the component achieves the best mechanical characteristics as well as reduced final weight for improved handling. The Monster 1100 takes its place at the top of Monster family, inheriting and developing the groundbreaking features that took the 696 to the top just weeks after its launch. The colour schemes have elegant combinations including grey with red frame while the racing gold wheels of the 'S' version accentuate the sports side of the new, naked Ducati. Digital instrumentation enables you to keep an eye on your Monster 1100's performance at all times, thanks to the many viewing options offered by the on-board computer. The display, which is scrollable from the left-hand switchgear, is made even more attractive and easier to read thanks to the white screen back-lighting. Information includes: service reminders, oil temperature, air temperature, speedometer, lap time, fuel reserve warning light, low oil pressure warning light, indicators, over-rev warning light, neutral position and immobilizer. The instrumentation is also ready to accommodate the DDA (Ducati Data Analyser) system.
The Monster 1100 power unit is the legendary 1100cc, air-cooled, Dual Spark L-Twin engine whose 95hp gives it that unmistakable Ducati sound. Developed for an incredibly flexible power delivery, the 1100 Desmodromic engine provides the rider with enough torque to exit the most challenging of corners. The impressive 10.5kgm (75.9lb-ft) of torque, typical of the Ducati L-Twin engines, will excite with every twist of the throttle. The two-valve engine on the new Monster 1100 features an all-new crankcase which significantly reduces overall engine weight. They are produced using the same innovative Vacural technology that Ducati previously applied only to Supersport models such as the 848. This method of production relies on vacuum die-casting, which improves the quality of the casting by avoiding porosity, air pockets and oxidation. This enables greater dimensional accuracy and higher ductility for the aluminium alloy. Ducati designers have drawn upon the benefits of this innovative process, redefining the conformation and thickness of the sides on the new crankcase using finite element simulations (FEM) and tests, which resulted in achieving the required reliability standards as well as attaining a significant weight reduction of 3kg (6.6lb) compared to previous versions of the 1100cc engines. The new geometry of the crankcase, their black cylinders and the new carbon grey finish on the cam covers give the Monster 1100 engine a brand new look. To help control the powerful 95hp twin-cylinder engine, an entirely new engine control system has been adopted based on a combined alfa-n and speed-density strategy for carburation adjustment. Used alongside the traditional alfa-n system, the speed-density strategy makes it possible to optimise engine carburation, in particular when using small throttle openings. This ensures a greater control over the torque delivered and improved control of harmful emissions. The 1100 engine boasts a 98mm bore and a 71.5mm stroke, delivering 95hp at 7500rpm and an impressive torque of 10.5kgm (79.5lb-ft) at 6000rpm. The excellent torque and power values of the most advanced air-cooled L-Twin cylinder engine ever designed by Ducati combined with the exceptional light weight of the motorcycle accentuate the riding pleasure and charisma of the new Monster 1100. To underline the sports side of the bike, the new Monster 1100 is fitted with Ducati's very own dry clutch, which offers a variety of customisation options with the Ducati Performance accessories. Monster 1100 has a specially designed exhaust system which features an electronically controlled exhaust valve that enables the use of silencers similar to those of the 696. The exhaust system on the 1100 has one Lambda probe dedicated to each cylinder, enabling precise fuelling for a smoother power delivery as well as complying with current emission regulations. The routing of the exhaust system enables optimum footpeg positioning. Other 2010 introductions to the Monster family include new exhaust guards, which feature a longer shape and provide improved heat protection and brand new crankcases for the 696, which are an impressive 1.2kg (2.6lb) lighter. In addition, user-friendliness of the controls has been improved with 4-point adjustable clutch and brake levers to suit all hand sizes. For the first time since its debut, both the 696 and 1100 Monsters will be available with ABS (anti-lock braking system). The ABS developed by Ducati and applied to the Monster family is the most sophisticated version available in the world of motorcycling. Designed to reduce the risk of wheel-locking under heavy braking or when braking in low grip conditions, the system reads wheel speed data from phonic wheel sensors to detect wheel lock. If a wheel speed falls below a specific safety limit, the control unit immediately reduces the brake system pressure to the appropriate calliper to avoid wheel lock. The pressure reduction on each individual braking circuit is activated by electronically controlled valves, which then close as the wheel speed moves away from a locking scenario. Unlike the majority of motorcycle ABS set-ups, this system has the advantage of ensuring a more natural braking 'feel' for the rider. The Monster has proven itself as the Ducati that most inspires and stimulates the art of personalisation. Designers, artists, actors, singers and, above all, bike fans from all over the world have been moved by the Monster to create their very own "two-wheeled work of art". The link between the Monster and the world of art appears again and again. Spontaneous shows dedicated to the interpretation and personalisation of the Monster are countless, with news of competitions, exhibitions and "customisations" of every kind, from all around the world, filling the pages of important sector and lifestyle magazines. This incredible phenomenon, that in sixteen years has seen the Monster receive worldwide acclaim as a symbol of "coolness" and modernity, has motivated Ducati to initiate a project that celebrates and highlights the great artistic potential of this bike. "Colour Therapy" represents the first stage of the Monster ART project. Ducati with Colour Therapy offers ten new colour options: "Rosso GP" Red, "Verde Tricolore" Green, "Giallo Ducati" Yellow, "Lilla Glamour" Lilac, "Blu Italia" Blue, "Azzurro Mediterranei" Azure-Blue, "Arancione Scrambler" Orange, "Amaranto Glossy" Rich Purple, "Argento Vivo" Silver and "Oro Puro" Gold. In Italy, France and Spain, you can choose all the new colour options at an additional price when purchasing the bike, or they can be purchased separately as a Ducati accessory (tank cover, mudguard, micro-bikini fairing and seat cover). The 10 "Monster ART Kits" gives Monster owners the freedom to change the bike's colour at any time, so while today feels right for a classic colour, tomorrow just might call for a trendier shade. And changing the colour of the bike couldn't be simpler: In just 10 minutes the Monster can be totally transformed.

Standard Features

The triple-parabola headlamp uses the latest optical technology to provide a deep, wide beam which makes riding at night both easier and safer. The highly advanced construction of the assembly provides one of the most compact headlamps available.
The use of advanced moulding techniques have not only enabled greater fuel capacity but also a larger airbox. The new fuel tank now holds 15 litres (3.8 US gal) while the airbox contains a power-enhancing 10 litres of air.
The rear view mirrors have been completely redesigned, making them lower, smoother and more aerodynamic while ensuring a clear view to the rear. Their design accentuates the curves and lines of the handlebars and fuel tank.
The minimalist spirit of the Monster and the desire to reduce weight to a minimum were the reasons behind the choice of an LED lighting system for the rear.
Just like the race-winning Ducatis, the Monster 1100 is fitted with extremely robust fork clamps. Their 'gull-wing' shape achieves exceptional torsional strength.

Bore (in) : 3.86
Bore (mm) : 98
Carburetion Brand : Siemens
Compression Ratio : 10.71
Cooling : Air
Cylinders : 2
Displacement (cc) : 1078
Displacement (ci) : 65.8
Emissions Standards : Meets Euro 3 Emissions
Engine Brand Name : Desmodromic
Engine Configuration : Longitudinal Twin
Engine Immobilizer : Standard
Engine Type : 4-Stroke
Fuel Injector : Yes
Fuel Injector Size (mm) : 45
Fuel Requirements : Premium
Fuel System Type : Fuel Injected
Ram Air Induction : No
Starter : Electric
Stroke (in) : 2.81
Stroke (mm) : 71.5
Valve Configuration : SOHC
Valves : 4
Valves Per Cylinder : 2

Engine Displacement to Weight (cc) : 2.89
Horsepower (bhp) : 95
Horsepower (kW) : 69.8
Horsepower RPM : 7500
Horsepower To Weight (hp) : 0.25
Torque (Ft Lbs) : 75.9
Torque (Nm) : 102.9
Torque RPM : 6000

Final Drive Ratio : 2.6
Gear Ratio (1) : 2.47
Gear Ratio (2) : 1.76
Gear Ratio (3) : 1.35
Gear Ratio (4) : 1.09
Gear Ratio (5) : 0.96
Gear Ratio (6) : 0.86
Number Of Speeds : 6
Overdrive : Yes
Primary Drive (Engine / Transmission) : Gear
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) : Chain
Reverse : No
Transmission Type : Manual

Steering & Suspension

Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load : Yes
Front Adjustable Rebound Damping : Yes
Front Fork Diameter (in) : 1.7
Front Fork Diameter (mm) : 43
Front Suspension Brand Name : Showa
Front Suspension Type : Inverted Fork
Front Travel (in) : 5.1
Front Travel (mm) : 130
Number Rear Shock Absorbers : 1
Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping : Yes
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load : Yes
Rear Suspension Brand Name : Sachs
Rear Suspension Type : Single Sided Swing Arm
Rear Swingarm Material : Aluminum
Rear Travel (in) : 5.8
Rear Travel (mm) : 148
Steering Damper : No

Chromed : No
Front Wheel Diameter : 17
Front Wheel Width (in) : 3.5
Rear Wheel Diameter : 17
Rear Wheel Width (in) : 5.5
Tube / Tubeless : Tubeless
Wheel Brand Name : Marchesini
Wheels Composition : Aluminum

Front Tire (Full Spec) : 120/70 ZR17
Front Tire Aspect Ratio : 70
Front Tire Speed Rating : Z
Front Tire Width : 120
Rear Tire (Full Spec) : 180/55 ZR17
Rear Tire Aspect Ratio : 55
Rear Tire Speed Rating : Z
Rear Tire Width : 180
Tire Brand : Pirelli

Brake Brand Name : Brembo
Front Brake Diameter (in) : 12.6
Front Brake Diameter (mm) : 320
Front Brake Type : Dual Hydraulic Disc
Front Caliper Pistons : 4
Rear Brake Diameter (in) : 9.7
Rear Brake Diameter (mm) : 245
Rear Brake Type : Hydraulic Disc
Rear Caliper Pistons : 2

Fuel Capacity
Fuel Capacity (gal) : 3.8
Fuel Capacity (l) : 15
Fuel Capacity Reserve (gal) : 0.9
Fuel Capacity Reserve (l) : 3.5

Adjustable Levers : Standard
Capacities : Standard
Dimensions : Standard
Dry Weight (kg) : 169
Dry Weight (lbs) : 373
Fuel Capacity (gal) : 3.8
Fuel Capacity (l) : 15
Fuel Capacity Reserve (gal) : 0.9
Fuel Capacity Reserve (l) : 3.5
Handlebar Lock : Standard
Height (in) : 42.8
Height (mm) : 1088
Introduction Year : 2009
Length (in) : 83.1
Length (mm) : 2112
Major Revision Year : 2009
Manufacturer Country : Italy
Manufacturer Recommend Minimum Age : 16
Manufacturer Type : Naked
MIC Model Segment : ON-HWY Traditional
Rake (degrees) : 24
Revision Status : Carryover
Service Reminder : Standard
Weight : Standard
Wheelbase (in) : 57.1
Wheelbase (mm) : 1450

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