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New Kawasaki Ninja 650R, Read More

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New Kawasaki Ninja 650R, Read More

Price : $7,099.00
Bodystyle : Sports Bike
Warranty : 12 months
Manufacturer Country : Japan
Model Year 2010
Displacement (cc) : 649
Engine Type : Parallel Twin

2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R

Kawasaki Engineering and Exotic Flair Make This One Spicy Ninja Streetbike. Fuel-injected Ninja twin-cylinder performance, a beautiful Euro-inspired chassis, and relaxed all-day comfort combine to form the sweet, do-it-all Ninja 650R. Sleek form meets superior function in the bike's full fairing, and in the way its steel trellis frame integrates into its stylish swingarm via an innovative side-mounted shock. Carefully tuned suspension, triple disc brakes and a curb weight of just 450 pounds give this special motorcycle the sort of performance you expect from a Ninja sportbike.
The key to the Ninja 650R's slender size is its compact liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, DOHC, 8-valve 649cc parallel twin engine, which permits the use of a narrow, lightweight frame. Fuel injection and ignition settings on this torquey engine are carefully chosen to boost bottom-end torque, smooth low-mid rpm response and allow it to rev more quickly. Routing the coolant to the cylinder and head through the engine cases reduces the number of external hoses. The engine also meets stringent emission regulations thanks to its precise fuel-injection and a three-way catalyst system with a 300-cell catalyzer. The non-intimidating twin-cylinder appeals to new riders, and has an excellent mid-range that offers enough pizzazz to thrill more advanced riders. The shift lever position permits easy application of the Ninja 650R's linear power delivery. The manageable power delivery and superb roll-on response enable the new Ninja 650R to make short work of the morning commute or perform as an entertaining track day companion - all while delivering good fuel economy. This spunky sportbike's frame, swingarm and suspension are all designed for minimal vibration and light, quick handling. Rubber upper-rear engine mounts in its signature trellis frame, and rubber-insulated handlebar mounts result in low vibration, for all-day comfort along with great handling. Rider and passenger footpegs are also rubber coated to reduce the amount of vibration transferred to the rider. The natural riding position and ergonomics are enhanced by a slim, low seat which makes reaching the ground easy for increased confidence.
Surrounding the Ninja 650R's chassis is unquestionably sporty styling. Avoiding unnecessary design flourishes, the Ninja 650R's sharp lines flow throughout the bike, giving it an aggressive appearance. The fairing's integrated turn signals and a sharp tail cowl ably highlight the motorcycle's compact dimensions. From its windscreen and dual headlights to the high-quality finish of its sleekly minimalist fairing, there's little room for doubt about this Ninja's supersport genetics. Beyond its exciting appearance, MotoGP-inspired multi-function instrumentation and controls, the Ninja 650R is rolling proof that a performance motorcycle can be practical and comfortable. The rider may notice the slimness of the chassis, low seat height and minimal effort controls first before realizing the true aim of Kawasaki's design efforts - the rider. The Ninja 650R's friendly ergonomics provide a versatile cockpit that both novice and experienced riders will use to employ its assets to the fullest, from the daily commute to a weekend canyon run. In other words, this real world overachiever easily demonstrates its versatility and everyday usefulness. Authentic Kawasaki Accessories are available through Kawasaki dealers.

Standard Features

Quick-Revving, 649cc Parallel-Twin Engine
Liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve fuel injected twin cylinder delivers smooth, responsive performance, especially in the low to medium rpm range
Excellent mid-range power, exceptional roll-on response and impressive passing performance make even commuter traffic enjoyable
Minimal vibration via a 180° crankshaft driven balancer shaft, which in turn drives the water pump
Oil jets on the connecting rod big ends spray oil on the undersides of the pistons to aid cooling
Lightweight plug-mounted ignition coils deliver a hot spark and save space
High-capacity radiator for increased cooling efficiency
Coolant routing travels directly to the engine cases, then follows internal passages to the cylinder and head for minimum external plumbing and a simplified cooling system

Digital Fuel Injection
Fuel injection settings boosts the engine's bottom-end torque while letting it rev quicker
Sub-throttle valve equipped 38mm Keihin throttle bodies offer optimum performance and rideability
Located behind the main throttle valves, the sub-throttles are controlled by the DFI® system's ECU for a precise throttle response, similar to a constant-velocity carburetor
Auto-fast idle system simplifies starting and helps ensure that the catalyzer reaches optimum temperature quickly
Lightweight fuel pump mounted inside the fuel tank

Compact Engine Design
Powerful twin-cylinder engine is the most compact in its category, which helps reduce the dimension of the entire motorcycle and allows use of a slim, minimalist frame
Triangular setup of the crankshaft and transmission shafts makes the engine short front-to-back
Transmission input shaft, output shaft and change drum are contained in a "cassette"-style package that allows a compact layout and eases transmission maintenance chores
Semi-dry sump design reduces engine height
Plated, linerless aluminum cylinders with a narrow cylinder pitch keep the engine light and slim

Cleaner Emissions
Efficient fuel injection and a three-way catalyzer inside the exhaust produce very low emissions, able to pass the stringent Euro-III emission regulations
300-cell catalyzer is compact and light
Under-engine muffler placement for mass centralization and a low center of gravity

Vibration Control
Rubber upper rear engine mounts keep vibration low
Handlebar is rubber-mounted to lessen vibration transmitted through the handle grips
Rider and passenger footpegs are rubber coated to reduce vibration

Light-Handling Trellis Frame
Slim, low, lightweight and compact design is narrow at the knees and footpegs for rider comfort and control
The strong, high-tensile steel trellis frame not only looks lightweight, but it is - rivaling that of aluminum frames
Ideal frame stiffness balance achieved through extensive 3D analysis translates directly into superb handling
The frame, rear suspension and swingarm designs flow together with an integrated line running from the steering head to the rear hub
Short front-to-back dimensions of the engine allow for a long swingarm and a short wheelbase combination that contributes to the light and nimble handling
Clean frame joint finishes show off overall quality of the bike

Rigid Swingarm
Swingarm is tuned to complement frame rigidity
Swingarm has a D-shaped cross-section for strength and light weight
Swingarm design further contributes to the Ninja 650R's high-quality appearance
Elegant one-piece rider/passenger footpeg s tays complement the swingarm and stabilizer

41mm fork and preload-adjustable laydown shock are tuned for light, rider-friendly handling
Fork lower ends around the axle shaft add to the bike's performance and enhance its high-quality image

Confidence Inspiring Ergonomics
An ideal handlebar, seat and footpeg relationship results in a comfortable and natural riding position suiting a wide range of riders
Frame narrowed just aft of the fuel tank enables a slim seat, making the reach to the ground even easier
The offset single-shock rear suspension layout with the battery located beside the shock instead of beneath it allows a lower seat height as well
Low seat height and slim overall design make it easy to plant both feet firmly on the ground when stopped

Dual 300mm front petal disc brakes with twin 27mm piston front brake calipers and a single 220mm rear petal disc deliver plenty of braking power
Front brake master cylinder and 14mm piston for smooth actuation

Sleek Supersport Bodywork
Dual headlight design features multi-reflector bulb hoods and the twin position lights - like its Ninja supersport brethren
A lip at the top of the windscreen deflects air away from the rider, along with a duct in the center of the cowling that creates an "air curtain" to reduce wind buffeting at higher speeds
Tall fuel tank - especially noticeable when viewed from the side - adds to the bike's crouching appearance
A flush-surface fuel cap and its sharp-edged motif give the tank a distinctive look
Sharp, edged lines give the Ninja 650R an aggressive, crouching supersport look, yet the bodywork still accentuates the frame
Distinctive Ninja supersport design elements of the front cowling and the fairings, such as the judicious combination of colored and black panels enhance its sporty image and compact appearance
Integrated front turn signals with clear lenses and amber bulbs
Completing the bike's aggressive sport appearance is a sharp tail cowling featuring a thin LED taillight
Inner rear fender helps keep the underside of the sleek new tail cowl clean
The turn signals also function as flashing hazard lights
A long front fender keeps water splashing to a minimum and its two-tone design matches the Ninja 650R's light, compact theme
Storage options include four tie-down hooks for baggage or a spare helmet to be secured to the seat and a storage space under the seat with room for a U-lock or similar device

Mirror design is a similar supersport-style to that on the new Ninja ZX™-6R


Attractive six-spoke supersport-style wheels augment the bike's light look and reduce unsprung weight

MotoGP-inspired multi-function instrumentation includes a fuel gauge, digital speedometer, clock, odometer, dual trip meters and a bar-style digital tachometer
Clock and trip meter can be viewed simultaneously
Red backlighting for the LCD screen adds to the sporty image while the area around the instrument panel presents a clean, finished front cowl interior
Stylized handlebar clamps and curved shapes on the brake master cylinder reservoir and clutch lever contribute to the Ninja 650R's high-quality appearance

Bore (in) : 3.3
Bore (mm) : 83
Carburetion Brand : Keihin
Compression Ratio : 11.31
Cooling : Liquid
Cylinders : 2
Displacement (cc) : 649
Displacement (ci) : 39.6
Engine Configuration : Parallel Twin
Engine Type : 4-Stroke
Fuel Injector : Yes
Fuel Injector Size (mm) : 38
Fuel Requirements : Regular
Fuel System Type : Fuel Injected
Ram Air Induction : No
Starter : Electric
Stroke (in) : 2.4
Stroke (mm) : 60
Valve Configuration : DOHC
Valves : 8
Valves Per Cylinder : 4

Torque (Ft Lbs) : 48.5
Torque (Nm) : 65.8
Torque RPM : 7000


Number Of Speeds : 6
Primary Drive (Rear Wheel) : Chain
Reverse : No
Transmission Type : Manual

Steering & Suspension
Air Adjustable : No
Front Adjustable Fork Pre-Load : No
Front Adjustable Rebound Damping : No
Front Central Suspension Strut : No
Front Fork Diameter (in) : 1.6
Front Fork Diameter (mm) : 41
Front Suspension Brand Name : Showa
Front Suspension Type : Telescopic Fork
Front Travel (in) : 4.7
Front Travel (mm) : 119.4
Number Rear Shock Absorbers : 1
Rear Adjustable Rebound Damping : No
Rear Adjustable Shock / Spring Pre-Load : Yes
Rear Suspension Type : Twin Sided Swing Arm
Rear Swingarm Material : Aluminum
Rear Travel (in) : 4.9
Rear Travel (mm) : 124.5
Steering Damper : No

Front Wheel Diameter : 17
Rear Wheel Diameter : 17
Tube / Tubeless : Tubeless
Wheels Composition : Aluminum

Front Tire (Full Spec) : 120/70 R17
Front Tire Aspect Ratio : 70
Front Tire Width : 120
Rear Tire (Full Spec) : 160/60 R17
Rear Tire Aspect Ratio : 60
Rear Tire Width : 160


Front Brake Diameter (in) : 11.8
Front Brake Diameter (mm) : 300
Front Brake Type : Dual Hydraulic Disc
Front Caliper Pistons : 2
Rear Brake Diameter (in) : 8.7
Rear Brake Diameter (mm) : 220
Rear Brake Type : Hydraulic Disc
Rear Caliper Pistons : 1

Body Seat
Adjustable : No
Detachable Passenger Seat : Standard
Grab Rail or Strap : Standard
Number Of Seats : 2
Seat Height (in) : 31.1
Seat Height (mm) : 789.9
Seat Location : Driver and Passenger
Seat Material : Vinyl
Seat Specifications : Standard
Seat Type : One-Piece

Body Work
Adjustable : No
Belt Guard : No
Body Material : Plastic
Brush Guard : No
Chain Guard : Yes
Construction : Standard
Drive Shaft Cover : No
Drive Shaft Guard : No
Exterior Covers : Standard
Exterior Guards : Standard
Foot Peg Location : Driver and Passenger
Foot Peg Material : Aluminum
Fork Guards : No
Frame : Steel
Front Fender : Standard
Front Fender Material : Plastic
Hand Grip Material : Rubber
Hand Grips : Standard
Hand Guards : No
Heel Guards : No
License Plate : Standard
Light Guard : No
Lower Fairing : Standard
Rear Fender : Standard
Rear Fender Material : Plastic
Rearview Mirrors Folding : Yes
Saddle Bag Guard : No
Spoiler : Standard
Stand : Standard
Stand Type : Kick
Upper Fairing : Standard

Fuel Capacity
Fuel Capacity (gal) : 4.1
Fuel Capacity (l) : 15.5


Capacities : Standard
Comment : Standard
Dimensions : Standard
Fuel Capacity (gal) : 4.1
Fuel Capacity (l) : 15.5
Handlebar Lock : Standard
Height (in) : 47.2
Height (mm) : 1198.9
Introduction Year : 2006
Length (in) : 82.7
Length (mm) : 2100.6
Major Revision Year : 2009
Manufacturer Country : Japan
Manufacturer Type : Sport
MIC Model Segment : ON-HWY Sport Bike 501-750cc
Previous Model Year Accessories : Yes
Rake (degrees) 25
Revision Status : Carryover
Trail (in) : 4.2
Trail (mm) : 106.7
Weight : Standard
Wet Weight (kg) : 204
Wet Weight (lbs) : 449.8
Wheelbase (in) : 55.5
Wheelbase (mm) : 1409.7
Width (in) : 29.9
Width (mm) : 760

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