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This Info New Honda Vision, Read More

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This Info New Honda Vision, Read More

Vision 2012 Honda launched Honda Motor Europe. Honda Vision is a global smart scooter.
In Japan, Honda Vision named Honda Dio. And in Indonesia, named Honda spacy.
Honda Design Vision claimed pleasing to the eye and attractive by offering a comfortable seat for two persons and large storage compartment. Altitude's Vision single seat 760 mm. He weighs 102.1 kg.

 2012 New Honda Vision

Scooter 110 cc engine was armed, 1-cylinder, OHC, PGM-FI, 4-stroke. CVT transmission motorcycle It only takes 1 liter of gasoline to travel 50.2 km.
Combined Braking System (CBS) applied. This system connects the front and rear brakes, which provide speed and stability in braking. Front brake discs hold 190 mm and 130 mm rear drum.
Honda Motor Europe thrusting Vision 2012 with several color choices; Procyon Pearl Black, Boss Grey Metallic, Pearl White, Candy Lucid Red, Blue and Candy Aruja.
Vision To be more cool and useful, Honda offers a few accessories such as top box, tall windscreen, motorcycle covers, protective hand (Knuckle visor).

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